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Fantastic pottery workshop

In July we attended a workshop for those of our students who want to start in the world of ceramics. In the first hour the...

Granada University Spanish courses – all you need to know

If you are an international student coming to Granada to study at the University of Granada (UGR) you may want to brush up your...
Silla del Moro, Granada.

The Must-See of Granada: Silla del Moro

Silla del Moro is one of those places you want to visit while in the city, and our students at Linguaschools Granada know it. So,...


Learn Spanish in Valencia, just like Timon did!

Valencia is one of the most popular cities in Spain to go learn some Spanish. The reason is that it is vibrant like a big...
University of Valencia

The 9 Best Universities in Valencia for International Students

Are you looking for the best universities in Valencia? Are you ready to live one of the most interesting experiences a human being can live? If...

Other destinations in Spain

Goodbyes are not sad in Madrid

A couple of weeks ago, we had a special event at our school in Madrid. We had to say goodbye to one of the...

Meanwhile at Linguaschools

NEW part-time Spanish courses via Zoom – starting September 2023

A new round of extensive 4 online evening classes will be starting. So wherever you are, sign up and start learning Spanish with Linguaschools! The...

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