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NEW evening Spanish courses in Barcelona – starting January 2023

Are you living, or planning to live, in Barcelona and think you still have some time and energy left after work, internship or (Erasmus)...

Churros con chocolate

Feliz castañada!

A night to remember

Silla del Moro, Granada.

The Must-See of Granada: Silla del Moro

Silla del Moro is one of those places you want to visit while in the city, and our students at Linguaschools Granada know it. So,...

15 reasons why you should visit Granada

The obvious reason to come to Granada would be our Spanish language school of course :-). Though if you are still doubting whether to...


University of Valencia

The 9 Best Universities in Valencia for International Students

Are you looking for the best universities in Valencia? Are you ready to live one of the most interesting experiences a human being can live? If...

5 things to do in Valencia this summer

Summer is usually the time of the year in which we travel the most. Spain is full of beautiful places but some don't receive...

Other destinations in Spain

Urban Art in Salamanca

Urban Art Route in Salamanca

Last week, the students from our school in Salamanca and us, the teachers, felt we needed a break and decided to walk through the...

Meanwhile at Linguaschools

NEW part-time Spanish courses via Zoom – starting January 2023

A new round of extensive 4 online evening classes will be starting. So wherever you are, sign up and start learning Spanish with Linguaschools! The...

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