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Machu Picchu School trip to Machu Picchu from Cusco

Learn Spanish in Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Brimming with culture and full of surprises, Cusco is one of Latin America’s most enchanting cities.

Cusco was the centrepiece of the Incan civilization. It was later a showpiece city for the Spanish. Tucked into the mountains it’s a city where culture follows you at every turn. Incan ruins and colonial architecture run through the old town. Climb the steps out of town and the ruins are surrounded by llamas and alpacas.

In Cusco you can dive into different cultures dependent on your mood. Check out the Spanish legacy in different churches. Meet the Peruvians in markets and shops. Create your own Incan trail through the city and beyond, using Cusco as a base for exploring the Sacred Valley and then Machu Picchu.

On most days you’ll come to Plaza de Armas, a central cobbled square where the locals also come to relax. Travel down the hill from here and Cusco holds its surprises as well, notably hole in the wall restaurants where you have to order in Spanish.

Cusco is one of South America’s most popular cities to visit. So for all the indigenous culture, there’s also the indulgence you may crave when you’re far from home; think Western-style restaurants, spas, craft beer and other treats.

Plaza de Armas

In Cusco, all roads lead to Plaza de Armas, an old cobbled square where locals gather each evening. A grand colonial church dominates one side of the square, while the other sides are lined with arcades and restaurant balconies, perfect places for people watching.

Machu Picchu

Cusco is the gateway city for visiting Machu Picchu, the mysterious Incan town cut off from the world. Almost all students combine their Spanish lessons with a Machu Picchu visit, either by taking the train or following one of the various hiking trails.

Sacred Valley

Old Incan settlements dot the valley between Cusco and Machu Picchu. Each has its own beauty and is surrounded by mountains, with Pisac and Ollantaytambo the most impressive. Peru’s magnificent hand-made salt pans are also part of the travel experience in the Sacred Valley.

San Blas

Walk uphill from Plaza de Armas and you reach San Blas, a neighbourhood of steep streets and charming architecture. You’ll find artisans, original Incan walls, small cobbled plazas and plenty of places to relax.

Inca trails

The most famous of the Inca trails is a four-day hike ending at Machu Picchu for sunrise. But there are many more, including day hikes to Incan ruins on Cusco’s outskirts. In fact, almost every path is an Incan trail here – Cusco was the Incan capital after all.

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Our Spanish school in Cusco

Housed in a stunning colonial building, Linguaschools Cusco places you in the heart of South America’s most enchanting city. Plaza de Armas is just 1 block away. Incan ruins are within walking distance. Dozens of bars and restaurants are close by. Step inside the school and you feel at home. You feel relaxed. The atmosphere is informal and friendly, especially when you relax on the school’s sunny rooftop terrace, where there are views onto the city and the Andes.

The period building is distinctive to Cusco and you’ll be studying inside the city’s heritage. Experienced teachers help to make the atmosphere very welcoming, especially through an inclusive program of cultural activities. At Linguaschools Cusco it’s easy to make friends from all over the world, accelerate your Spanish learning, and experience living in an iconic Spanish-speaking city.

CLASSROOMS 7 classrooms with lots of natural light
ACCREDITATIONS Instituto Cervantes, CSN
LOCATION in the heart of the city centre
STUDENT AREAS central courtyard and student area with kitchen
OTHER FACILITIES Wi-Fi, in-house travel agency
LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY STAFF English, Spanish, French, Dutch

Nationality mix


Age mix

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Spanish courses in Cusco

All the courses at Linguaschools Cusco will provide you with the confidence to use your Spanish in public settings. There’s an option for everyone and we ensure that each student finds a course that most suits their needs, whether a focus on conversation or an intensive well-rounded Spanish experience. Group classes are small and you learn with students of similar ability. Individual classes have more customisation and 1 to 1 teacher time. You can choose either, or a combination of both.

Don’t worry about your level of Spanish proficiency now. You’ll do a short test when you arrive to make sure you’re placed in the correct group. And just think about how much you will improve when you’re living in a Spanish-speaking city, conversing every day.

CLASS DURATION 1 lesson = 55 minutes
GROUP SIZE Max. 6 students
MINIMUM AGE 16 years old

Intensive Courses

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Spanish for 50+

Combination Courses

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Intensive 20 + 5
Intensive 20 + 10

Individual courses

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Individual 10 and Individual 20
Customised Individual Lessons
Customized Semi-Individual Lessons

Spanish online by Linguaschools

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Extensive 4 online (group)
Individual 10 online

Please note that the school is closed on bank holidays. Missed group lessons are generally not made up for. During the summer months we organise a free excursion on bank holidays instead.


Staying in Cusco is part of your language immersion. We have an on-site student residence, where you’ll share with other learners. Choose your own room or to share a twin room with another student of the same sex. Or go really local with a homestay experience, staying in a private furnished room with a host family.

Host family Minimum age 16 years old

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Availability All year round
Distance 25 minutes walking distance
Shared with Locals and or language school students
Host family Single and double room half board

Student residence Minimum age 18 years old

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Availability All year round
Distance 25 minutes walking distance
Shared with Locals and or language school students
Student residence Cusco Single and double room half-board

In Cusco, there is a cheap laundry service arranged through the school (outside the accommodation).
We also have private apartments in Cusco for stays of minimum 10 weeks. Please contact us for more details.

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With a program of cultural activities you’ll discover Cusco like a local, not a tourist.

Tour the city with your teachers. Learn to cook Peruvian food. Visit archaeological sites and hear stories in Spanish. The activity program is an opportunity to explore with new friends, as well as gaining confidence in Spanish conversation. All this is in addition to the free salsa and Latin-American dance classes we have.  

Week Guided city tour

Week Welcome dinner

Week Dance class

Week Peruvian cooking workshop

Weekend Visit to Machu Picchu

Weekend Rafting on Urubamba river

Weekend Inca trail (to Machu Picchu)

Weekend Visit Puno and Lake Titicaca

Latest activities

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Cooking Classes in Cusco

At Linguaschools Cusco, we believe that the best way to learn a new language is to get involved in a new culture with hands-on and memorable activities. That's why we offer 1-hour weekly cooking class ...

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peru activities in cusco cusco

A Night to Remember: The Cusco Annual Parade

The parade flew by in a flash of adrenalin and swirling color, full of traditional dances, clothing, and live music with thousands of passersby and onlookers lining the streets. The parade is a big ev ...

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Visit of the Coca Museum - Cusco

Our students at Linguaschools Cusco went to visit the Coca Museum. This wonderful little museum, in San Blas, traces the uses of the coca leaf, from sacred ritual to its more insidious incarnations. ...

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