5 things to do in Valencia this summer

Summer is usually the time of the year in which we travel the most. Spain is full of beautiful places but some don’t receive the attention they deserve. A clear example of this is Valencia.

Here we’ll tell you 5 things to do in summer in this beautiful city and why you should go.

1. Enjoy the sun and sea

One of Valencia’s biggest attractions is its wonderful beach, where both locals and tourists enjoy the sea. From hanging out on the beach to reading a book, any activity is fun when you’re enjoying the sun.

2. Discover the Turia gardens

For nature lovers, strolling through the gardens of Turia is an excellent choice. Valencia has several beautiful parks and gardens, but none compares to Turia, the largest urban park in the city.
With more than 110 hectares, it is the perfect place to walk, relax, play sports and sightseeing as it’s home to the most spectacular architectural complex in Valencia: the City of Arts and Sciences.

3. Go out for tapas in the historic center

Especially after sunset, terraces, cafes, bars and restaurants of the historic center are full of locals that go out to enjoy delicious tapas and drinks with friends. The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, so going out for tapas is the perfect plan to meet people and enjoy Spanish cuisine.

4. Enjoy cinema on the beach

Do you like the sea and the movies? What can be better than watching a film on the beach? Every week in summer, a film festival takes place in different beaches of Valencia. There’s no admission fee making it an excellent plan to enjoy with friends.

5. Improve your Spanish

Summer is the ideal time to practice a language and enjoy cultural activities. In addition to meeting people, you’ll learn Spanish with native teachers and you can put it into practice with the locals in your free time.

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