A big paella at the school

Spain is known for many good things, including the weather, the people and the atmosphere, but above all it is known for its delicious food. At school we often enjoy a Tapas outing where we taste all kinds of flavours and we also enjoy an afternoon of Churros with chocolate!

But this Friday we did something different. We organised a big paella at school! Paella is one of the most popular dishes in Spain. It has its origins in Valencia and is a special kind of cooking with a wide variety of ingredients. We were able to see live how it is prepared and how much dedication it takes to make it the right way.

Paella is also known for bringing people together to celebrate, so the students and staff of Linguaschools got together for dinner and a good time. We were able to practise our Spanish and get to know the teachers and staff a little better.

We had all the ingredients for a perfect afternoon at the school!



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