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Andalucia Bridge in Malaga
Spanish bull A bull statue in central Spain
Paella Cooking a paella in Valencia

Learn Spanish in Spain

Learning Spanish in Spain

Spain provides every visitor with an immersive experience. You’ll immediately feel at home here, with the slow pace of life really helping you to relax. Old-world traditions are kept alive all over the country, from tapas to an evening paseo (walk). Spain is a very social country. People like to be outdoors and they like to meet up with each other, on city plazas (squares), outdoor cafe terraces, and many little spots you will discover when learning Spanish in Spain. By staying here you’ll fully experience the culture and have endless opportunity to practice your new Spanish skills.

But perhaps the greatest highlight of Spain is the sheer variety of destinations. Every region has its own culture and style. And each destination has its own atmosphere. There’s a place in Spain for everyone, be it a vibrant beach city, an historic medieval town, a place for art or a place to surf. You’ll get to explore more of the country on weekend trips and soon find that the country finds a piece of you. Many people visit Spain. You’ll find that by learning the language you enjoy a far more authentic experience, especially when taking your conversation skills into social situations.

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