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Things to do in Barcelona

What’s on in March in Barcelona?

Will you be in Barcelona this March, studying Spanish with us ? Are you still wondering what you will be doing in your free time? Here are some cool suggestions… Watch the famous “El...

The Best 5 Business Schools in Barcelona

Like we've said plenty of times, Barcelona is one of the best places in the world to go study abroad if you want to...

Feliz castañada!

As you may know, in many countries on October the 31st people celebrate Halloween, which in Cataluña is… La castañada! During that day, families and friends...

A special celebration

This week we had a very special celebration at our school. Arantxa, our head of studies, celebrated 10 years at Linguaschools Barcelona. We decided to surprise...

A day to discover Dalí

As you may know, Dalí was a magnificent Spanish painter. Although the part of the immense prestige and popularity that he enjoyed in life was...

Churros con chocolate

A night to remember

A night with flamenco


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