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What’s on in September in Barcelona?

Are you in Barcelona in September to learn Spanish with us but you wonder what you can do in your free time? Although there will still be a lot of things different this summer, you won’t...

10 Best Universities in Barcelona for international students [2021]

Have you decided to live the amazing experience of studying abroad? Spain is a wonderful destination and we’re here to help you discover why. Yes,...

NEW evening Spanish courses in Barcelona – starting September 2021

Are you living, or planning to live, in Barcelona and think you still have some time and energy left after work, internship or (Erasmus)...

Smizing during graduation day in Barcelona

You can't see it maybe, but our students are proud and smiling showing their certificates 🙂 Congratulations guys! Well done.

Enjoying a firework show

Last Sunday we had the amazing opportunity to watch the firework show of La Mercè all together. After a week of heavy rains it...

Let’s go bowling!

Sunny day in Sitges

Flamenco night

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