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Things to do in Barcelona

What’s on in January 2021 in Barcelona?

Are you in Barcelona in January to learn Spanish but you wonder what you can do in your free time? Although there will still be a lot of things different this winter, you don't...

Can you still swim in the sea in December in Barcelona?

For sure you can! It was the first of December, we went to the beach to play volley-playa and tennis. And it was then that...

NEW evening Spanish courses in Barcelona – starting January 2021

Are you living, or planning to live, in Barcelona and think you still have some time and energy left after work, internship or (Erasmus)...

Why the bike is your best friend in Barcelona

For the last years Barcelona has been working hard on constructing bike lanes throughout the entire city. And it is going very well! They...

Off the beaten track in Barcelona: Parc Labyrinth de Horta

If you want to go off the beaten track in Barcelona you should definitely go to Parc de Labyrinth de Horta. This Parc is the...

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