Urban Art Route in Salamanca

Last week, the students from our school in Salamanca and us, the teachers, felt we needed a break and decided to walk through the city to contemplate its urban art.

Salamanca is a city full of new artists that show their talent by drawing beautiful pieces on the walls, and we wanted to pay special attention to it, so we gathered after our Spanish classes and headed out to enjoy the fantastic day outdoors.

There is a great artistic route in Barrio del Oeste to contemplate art at the street level. It is a tourist route that allows you to discover the most colorful side of the city; there, you can appreciate famous and representative works of renowned artists, but also amazing pieces from emerging ones.

After delighting ourselves with the great talent of these artists, we went for some tapas in a neighborhood bar. The food was delicious and we took the opportunity to rest before heading home.

It’s so much fun when we spend time together that, while we were heading back, we were already planning our next date! ????