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City of colors Guanajuato, Mexico

Learn Spanish in Guanajuato

Guanajuato, Mexico

Hidden in Mexico’s central highlands, World Heritage Guanajuato is a city of colour, history and tranquility.

It’s easy to fall in love with Guanajuato. This is one of Mexico’s oldest and best preserved cities. Cobblestone streets wind through the hills, leading to tree-filled plazas and old churches. Most of the houses are highly colourful and give off an air of faded, colonial grandeur. The people are warm and welcoming, keen to engage visitors in conversation, whether on an outdoor terrace or at a small hole in the wall bar.

This is a tranquil city and there are so many ways to rest and unwind after Spanish classes. Walking the World Heritage streets is an experience you can’t get tired of. Museums and markets help give you an appreciation of the city’s 16th-century history.  Yet there’s also a youthful vibrancy to Guanajuato. This is a big university city, with some 30,000 students bringing a new dimension to all the heritage.

Cultural festivities take place throughout the year as well, further opportunity to experience what it’s really like to live in Mexico. Despite its beauty, Guanajuato is not that popular with tourists. So you’ll really have an authentic experience here. 

Guanajuato University

It’s the university that breathes life into Guanajuato, 30,000 students adding a youthful energy to historic streets. The university buildings are sublime; old, whitewashed, and a great place to hang out.

El Pipila

El Pipila is the symbol of Guanajuato. He was a cripple that became a hero of Mexico’s independence struggle. Now he’s celebrated through an enormous statue that can act as your compass point in the city.

Hidalgo Market

Sounds and smells guide you through Hidalgo Market. It’s a fun and sometimes chaotic place, plus a great place to practice your Spanish, while haggling over anything from souvenirs to food snacks.

Teatro Juarez

Magnificent from inside and out, Teatro Juarez is just one of the many great buildings in Guanajuato. It’s nice to go here on a tour, but by spending a few weeks in the city you should be able to watch a concert or show, either here or at another of the city’s theatres.

El Jardin de la Union

A tree-covered plaza with cafes and restaurants, El Jardin de la Union is a tranquil place to come hang out, especially during the evenings. You’ll probably come here many times as it’s also a good place to practice your Spanish.

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Our school in Guanajuato

Linguaschools Guanajuato is proudly located just steps away from Jardin de la Union, in the heart of Mexico’s most beautiful city. The school has been custom designed to accommodate learners coming from all over the world, with all levels of Spanish proficiency. The classrooms are spacious and the building is part of the city’s architectural fabric. Stepping inside you feel a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Our teachers are the main reason the school has grown so much since the early 1990s. They bring passion and enthusiasm to the classroom, along with many years of experience. When classes finish you can walk out into the city and find countless place to practice conversation, from small cafes and bars to terraces and squares.

CLASSROOMS 12 classrooms with natural light
LOCATION 3 minutes walking away from the main square, Jardín Union
MULTIMEDIA half of the classrooms have a digital projector, electronic boards and/or computers
STUDENT AREAS central courtyard and 2 rooftop terraces
OTHER FACILITIES Wi-Fi, luggage storage and kitchen

Nationality mix

Rest West-EU

Age mix

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Spanish courses in Guanajuato

Learning Spanish at Linguaschools Guanajuato is an intensive experience. This helps you improve quickly and maximise your time in the city. As we have many classrooms and teachers we can keep the groups very small, with just 2 to 5 students. Groups are based on Spanish proficiency and you’ll do an informal test on the first day, so you’re placed in the correct group. With group classes you learn with students from all over the world and follow a wide-ranging curriculum.

Individual courses are also possible in Guanajuato. These are ideal if there is something specific you want to work on – for example, medical Spanish or conversation. As with all Linguaschools locations, we can tailor an individual course to both your language needs and the time you have available.  

CLASS DURATION 1 lesson = 55 minutes
GROUP SIZE Max. 5 students
MINIMUM AGE 13 years old

Combination Courses

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Intensive 20 + 5
Intensive 20 + 10

Individual courses

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Individual 10 and Individual 20
Customised Individual Lessons
Customized Semi-Individual Lessons

Spanish online by Linguaschools

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Extensive 4 online (group)
Individual 10 online

Please bear in mind that the school is closed on bank holidays. All lessons missed due to a bank holiday are made up for.


To learn a language you need to be in a friendly and comfortable environment. This is extended from the school to our accommodations, whether you stay in the colonial-style student residence building, or enjoy true Mexican hospitality when living with a host family. Both options provide privacy and independence.

Host family Minimum age 16 years old

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Availability All year round
Distance 25 minutes walking distance
Shared with Locals and or language school students
Host family Single and double room half board
Host family Single and double room full board

Student residence Minimum age 18 years old

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Availability All year round
Distance 25 minutes walking distance
Shared with Locals and or language school students
Student residence Guanajuato Single and double room breakfast
With private bathroom Single and double room breakfast

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Learning Spanish is fun and is part of the everyday with the Guanajuato cultural program.

Taking your Spanish into everyday settings will give you confidence and speed up your learning. And it’s a lot of fun. Teachers organise weekly gatherings with locals in informal settings, plus guided cultural activities and city tours. These are mostly free of charge. Every weekend there’s a different excursion as you explore the beauty of Mexico.

Week City tour

Week Cultural workshops

Week Visit to a city museum

Week Cooking classes

Weekend Visit to San Miguel de Allende

Weekend La Gruta hot spring visit

Weekend Visit to Cañada de la Virgen

Weekend Day trip to Querétaro