The Must-See of Granada: Silla del Moro

Silla del Moro is one of those places you want to visit while in the city, and our students at Linguaschools Granada know it.

So, after a very productive learning day in the classroom, we felt like seizing the beautiful weather outside and organizing a visit to one of the most exciting places in Arabic history: Silla del Moro.

In order to reach this monument which used to be the surveillance point of the Arab people, we entered the forest of the Alhambra and headed up but, in the meantime, we enjoyed the amazing nature and the spectacular view of Granada from above. Then, we continued our way along wild paths and passed through Sacromonte: a beautiful neighborhood of caves and art.

Finally, we made it to the top and arrived at our destination. ????????

Silla del Moro -or Santa Elena Castle– is a small castle from the Nasrid period, located on the northern slope of Cerro de Santa Elena, at a height of about 853 meters above sea level. It was part of the defensive system of the Generalife and the Alhambra and is a very interesting spot to get to know the culture and spend a day in nature.

When our visit came to an end, we went back to the city and celebrated the amazing trekking together by taking an ice cream at Granada’s most famous shop: Los Italianos!

The whole activity was súper fun and helped our students to get to know each other while practicing Spanish. What more can we ask for?! ????



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