Linguaschools annual Christmas dinner

It’s not that Christmas is coming, it’s that it’s already here!

The lights are already illuminating the streets of Barcelona and the Christmas spirit, advertisements and businesses are preparing for a Christmas that this year will be marked by geopolitical, energy and climate problems. However, our Christmas spirit returns to make us forget them for a couple of days and gather together with such good vibes.

We’ve been slowly growing year by year, so this celebration helps us to foster relationships and communication between us, giving us a break to spend time together, not just talking about work or greeting each other in the corridor between classes.

In the end, the important thing about Christmas is to appreciate the love and respect we have for the people around us every day!

So whoever is reading this, whether you are a past, present or future student, a colleague or a curious visitor, we wish you a Christmas and New Year full of happiness and hope!

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