Learn Spanish in Valencia, just like Timon did!

Valencia is one of the most popular cities in Spain to go learn some Spanish. The reason is that it is vibrant like a big city, but is not as big as Barcelona and Madrid, so it lets you connect deeper with people and its culture.

Luckily, so many students have come to Linguaschools Valencia, and their feedback is so full of joy! We cannot be happier. We always put the best of us trying to make our students feel comfortable and learn and practice their Spanish as much as they can. That is why we offer so many different courses and options for accommodation that will match the student’s needs and preferences.

Timon has come to Valencia a couple of days ago for two weeks, on his two-week vacation period, and we were able to offer him a course that suited him perfectly. He also stayed at one of our shared flats with other students and he was beyond happy with the experience.

You can learn more about Timon’s experience in Linguaschools Valencia in his own travel blog about Spain.

You might have a similar idea for your next traveling chance and you could take the best out of it if you’re looking for an improvement in your Spanish, just like Timon did!

At Linguaschools Valencia we are fully compromised, we have the best local teachers and we usually organize activities that will help you practice the language such as chatting with locals or between classmates.

Get your full Spanish experience in Valencia, and enjoy the journey!  ????

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