The complete and comprehensive guide to Spanish paperwork

from a language school student point of view

As a Spanish language school student living in or moving to Spain you will most likely be going through a series of bureaucratic procedures. Which are extra challenging if the country, culture and language is new to you.

There are many different laws and regulations involved and although there are many other websites talking about this subject, we felt there was no one who explained things as completely and comprehensively from a language course student point of view.

With all the experiences we have had with our students over the years, we have created a series of articles which help to explain and prepare you for the most common procedures you will come across.




DISCLAIMER: We have gathered information to our best knowledge, from our experience, using a number of different (official) sources. Regulations change and interpretations may vary per country or region, but also between public office or staff. No rights can be derived from any of our articles. The content is merely a guide and we recommend you to check information with official sources before and during the process.

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