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A HAPPY FAMILY IN CLASS Intensive Spanish course, Salamanca
Catedral Salamanca Historial city center of Salamanca

Learn Spanish in Salamanca


A city carved from golden sandstone, Salamanca is a wonderfully relaxed base from which to learn Spanish.

Footsteps echo down Salamanca’s pedestrianised lanes. Almost all the old city is vehicle free, giving off an ambiance that’s as soothing as it is surreal. When walking around Salamanca you really feel like you’ve stepped back in time. But to which period in history?

That question suggests the beauty of this city. The buildings showcase 2000 years of design, all of it crafted from the same shimmering sandstone. Wine bars occupy Romanesque townhouses. Street guitarists play beneath cathedrals that are studded with sculptures. A single street takes you from Gothic to Renaissance to baroque. And the city’s main square is the finest in all of Spain.

This is a university city, which breathes a youthful energy into all the heritage. Free city events take place during most weeks of summer while outdoor terraces are ideal for joining the locals and trying out your Spanish. All this adds up to a city that can always reflect your mood. Whether you want to relax or want to party, there will be somewhere in Salamanca you can go. 

Plaza Mayor

Of all the squares in all of Spain none are as beautiful as the Plaza Mayor in Salamanca. This is the city’s focal point and almost all the old city streets will take you here, where there are terraces and restaurants galore.

Salamanca University

The lively university helps give Salamanca a youthful atmosphere, meaning there’s a buzzing and bustling energy to the historic streets, almost any week of the year. The university is an attraction in itself, including buildings from the 12th century.


The best way to spend an evening in Salamanca is eating tapas. Hop between the different bars, grabbing a little bite in each. Or spend many hours in just one. You’ll be amazed how cheap and tasty it all is. Which is why you’ll probably eat tapas on the next day as well.

Old town

Every evening the old town glows a golden colour. Sunset bounces off the sandstone and there’s no prettier place to be. Explore and listen. You won’t hear cars here, you’ll only hear footsteps and Spanish chatter.


For a historic city Salamanca really knows how to party. With so many students around there’s an abundance of bars and clubs to try, each with its own distinct style. It can be loud and fun if you want it. The nightlife is also another chance to improve your Spanish conversation.

Fridays board games at the school in Salamanca

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Mar 20, 2024

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Our Spanish school in Salamanca

Linguaschools Salamanca is proudly accredited by Instituto Cervantes. The teachers draw on many years of experience to provide an interesting and supportive learning environment. You should learn quickly here, both inside the classroom and when living in the old city. Just like Salamanca itself, the school has a relaxed atmosphere that is welcoming to all and highly conducive to learning.

The school is situated within Salamanca’s old town, just a few minutes from the Plaza Mayor. Within a 10-minute walk you’ll find most of the city’s attractions, along with many cafes, terraces and restaurants. Free Wi-Fi and computers are available in the school and there’s a library with Spanish movies and books to borrow. Having 8 classrooms means we can be flexible with classifying groups and make sure you learn at a level that is most suitable for you.


CLASSROOMS 8 classrooms with lots of natural light
LOCATION 5 minutes walking from Plaza Mayor
MULTIMEDIA all classrooms have a digital television
STUDENT AREAS garden and 2 terraces
OTHER FACILITIES Wi-Fi, student computers, luggage storage, library
LANGUAGES SPOKEN BY STAFF English, Spanish, French, Italian

Nationality mix

Rest West-EU

Age mix

icon course

Spanish courses in Salamanca

Our courses in Salamanca are intensive and designed to help you learn Spanish quickly. Courses involve studying for 20, 25 or 30 lessons per week. You do most of your classes from morning until lunch time; afternoon lessons may be necessary for longer courses or during summer. Groups are designated based on Spanish language ability, usually bringing a mix of nationalities and ages together.

Individual classes are more intensive and Linguaschools Salamanca can create something to fit your schedule and needs – just get in touch. With our standard courses you can also combine group and individual lessons, a nice balance, especially if you are weaker in a particular area. You can also study for and take the DELE exam here.

CLASS DURATION 1 lesson = 50 minutes
GROUP SIZE Max. 8 students
MINIMUM AGE 17 years old

Intensive Courses

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Intensive 30

Combination Courses

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Intensive 20 + 5
Intensive 20 + 10

Individual courses

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Individual 10 and Individual 20
Customised Individual Lessons
Customized Semi-Individual Lessons

Spanish online by Linguaschools

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Extensive 4 online (group)
Individual 10 online

Please note that the school is closed on bank holidays. Missed group lessons are not usually made up for. When there are 2 public holidays in 1 week, 1 day of missed group lessons will be made up for.


If you like to experience living with people from different cultures then choose a fully-equipped shared apartment. You will have your own room and stay with either Spanish people or other language students. Staying with a host family helps you experience local hospitality and culture, another great option for practicing Spanish.

Shared apartment Minimum age 18 years old

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Availability All year round
Distance 25 minutes walking distance
Shared with Locals and or language school students
Standard apartment Standard single and double room

Host family Minimum age 16 years old

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Availability All year round
Distance 25 minutes walking distance
Shared with Locals and or language school students
Host family Single and double room half board
Host family Single and double room full board

Student reviews

Linguaschools Salamanca
Loui Motto reviewed:
Salamanca, 37002, Calle de Sorias, 13
One of the best schools I've ever been to, I was there for 4 weeks and had lots of activities and made lots of new acquaintances, everything was great.
Linguaschools Salamanca
Eli Ak47 reviewed:
Salamanca, 37002, Calle de Sorias, 13
I had a four week intensive program at the school. A lot of fun and I learned a lot. in the afternoon I joined activities with other students. Really good to try to speak and learn other cultures as well.
linguaschools Salamanca
Josh Tankard reviewed:
Salamanca, 37002, Calle de Sorias, 13
linguaschools Salamanca
Tamara van Zutven reviewed:
Salamanca, 37002, Calle de Sorias, 13
Salamanca y Linguaschools es la mejor combinate lo sé. Muy instructivo y muy agradable. Hasta pronto.
linguaschools Salamanca
Nikki Bolleboom reviewed:
Salamanca, 37002, Calle de Sorias, 13
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Learning Spanish is all about connecting with local culture and having fun; that’s what is so great about Salamanca.

With welcome parties, dance classes and city tours, there’s always something free or cheap to do in Salamanca. Weekday activities are arranged by the teachers and make your learning program far more varied. They’re also a lot of fun. As are the options at the weekend, such as a trip to Toledo, Madrid or Portugal.

Week Tapas tour

Week Guided city tour

Week Cooking workshop

Week Dance class

Weekend Day trip to Ávila and Segovia

Weekend Visit to Madrid

Weekend Day trip to Portugal

Weekend Visit to Toledo

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Urban Art Route in Salamanca

Last week, the students from our school in Salamanca and us, the teachers, felt we needed a break and decided to walk through the city to contemplate its urban art. Salamanca is a city full of new ...

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Basketball Game at the Aldeheula Sports Centre in Salamanca

Some of the students here in Linguaschools Salamanca really love basketball, so we decided to organize this activity to play a game together and have a little fun after the Spanish class. The guide ...

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