What a delicious paella!

As you may already know, paella is one of the most remarkable dishes of Spanish gastronomy. It’s also famous all over the world and has become a tourist magnet for all those who love a good plate of rice.

But what’s also important, here in our country, paella has always been a dish that brings people together to celebrate an event. For us it’s essentially a festive dish. Due to its laborious preparation and the fact that its ingredients were a luxury for the majority of the population for a long time when a celebration had to be held, paella was the chosen dish. Families or friends would gather together and talk for hours while the chef was cooking, to end up tasting a delicious portion with a glass of wine.

We decided to pay tribute to that tradition and also give an opportunity to those students who hadn’t tried paella to do so. It was our first big event in the garden of our new building and we couldn’t have been more happy to make it’s debut this way!

Two great chefs came to cook paella for 65 people! Music, talking, drinking, and fraternity was all around!

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