The amazing Dalí Theater Museum

Last week we took advantage of a bank holiday to take a trip to the Dalí Theater Museum.

This artist was born in Figueres on May 11, 1904, and as you should already know, he is one of the most international Spanish painters in history. The creator of a very personal and extravagant style, Dalí would end up becoming a master of the surrealist style and an icon of contemporary painting.

Peculiar and quirky, Salvador Dalí once said “Surrealism is me.” A categorical statement but one that makes sense since the Catalan painter is one of the greatest exponents of this artistic trend.

His characteristic style is determined by an indisputable technical perfection, present in every detail, through which he expresses his peculiar and disturbing universe. An unconscious world that he captured like no other, making him a painter of dreams and one of the most representative artists of the 20th century.

Although his prolific work focuses primarily on painting, he also explored sculpture, film, stage design, jewellery and costume design, writing and even created his own creative technique, the Paranoid-Critical Method based on consciously extracting elements from the world. The interior of the paranoid, which the artist captured in double images through which he represented objects that became other objects, thus associating things that were not rationally linked.

Therefore, entering the Dalí Theater Museum (created by himself) means entering a world of his own, being able to enjoy these creations, where the artist concentrated all his artistic and cultural wealth and all his wisdom. All the pieces of work there become windows to the mind. They contain many secrets which are not expressed in words, but which are there and which we can see and interpret if we look closely. At the same time, symbols can mean certain things to large groups of people. So, although they are windows into the artist’s mind, symbols are also a mirror of our own universe of meaning as viewers. Don’t you think it’s incredible?

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