The Best 5 Business Schools in Barcelona

Like we’ve said plenty of times, Barcelona is one of the best places in the world to go study abroad if you want to enjoy a big city lifestyle. It has it all: amazing educative institutions, beautiful beaches, and extraordinary nightlife. We have also spoken about the best public and private Universities for international students, now let’s find out which are the 5 best business schools in the city!

Admission requirements

Admissions for foreign students can be tricky. The first thing you need is to contact the university of your choice and ask for the exact admission requirements. Private universities all have this information in English.

You would normally need the original or certified copy of their bachelor’s transcripts or University degree and have them certified by the issuing university, a public notary, the Spanish consulate or the consulate of the degree-granting country in Spain.

Study visa

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals do not need a study visa to study in Barcelona. However, they must register with the Extranjería (central office for foreigners) to get the NIE. Non-EU citizens must apply for a study visa at the Spanish embassy or consulate in their home country or apply for a visa from Spain if you are already here on a tourist visa.

Business Schools in Barcelona

ESADE – Ramon Llull University

It was one of the first to offer business programs in Spain. It has three campuses: two in Barcelona and one in Madrid. It is a global institution structured as a business school known for the quality of its education, its international outlook, and its focus on holistic personal development. It was founded in 1958, in Barcelona, and internationalized between 1993 and 2009. In 1995 it was integrated into Ramon Llull University.

EU Business School – European University

It was established in 1973 and it is an international and recognized high-ranked business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreaux, Munich and also gives classes online. They provide excellent quality education in a competitive learning environment with small classes in English. EU Business School offers foundation, bachelor’s, master’s, MBA, and doctoral programs on campus and online. Some of the majors for these degrees include business administration, international relations, tourism management, and marketing among others.

United International Business School – UIBS

It is an independent private higher education institution with campuses in Europe and Asia. UIBS is dedicated to cross-cultural education with a global perspective. It offers flexible business and management studies at the Undergraduate/Bachelor/BBA, Graduate/Master/MBA, and Postgraduate/Doctor/DBA. Here, you can find multiple starting dates and flexible study programs.

TBS Education

Formerly known as Toulouse Business School, it delivers Bachelor in Management, Master in Management, some Master of Science, and summer school programs. In this triple-accredited business school, students are trained to become directors and managers of human resources, marketing, management, finance, accounting, consulting, and auditing. TBS Education is among the 1% of all business schools worldwide that hold the triple crown of accreditations by EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB that recognize excellence and guarantees the recognition of its degrees in companies all around the globe.

Geneva Business School

Located in the center of the city, 50 meters from Plaza Catalunya and the start of the iconic La Rambla, Geneva BS is ranked 57th out of the world’s top 100 business schools. Here, students will learn by simulating real-world scenarios and getting a feel for different roles and jobs that they might like to pursue when they complete their studies. Also, it prepares students for the global business settings of the 21 century.

There are lots of possibilities where to study Business in this beautiful city: public and private, small and big, popular and pretty new institutions. Your choice will depend on your interests and likes. There will for sure be one that is exactly what you’re looking for. Have you decided yet?

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