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Frequently asked questions


Do all schools offer activities?

Yes. All Linguaschools offer weekly activities and weekend excursions, all year round. Activities vary per week and are communicated to you at the school. Some activities are free of charge. For other activities a small fee is charged to cover costs such as transport, museum entrance, etc. The activities and excursions on our website are merely an indication of the things we regularly offer. In most schools we create the activity program only one week in advance, so we cannot say with certainty what activities will be running when you are at the school. Activities might require a minimum number of students.

Is there (free) internet at the school?

Yes, all schools have free Wi-Fi.

Do schools close on official holidays?

Yes, all our schools close on official holidays. You can find all school holidays here. When there is a holiday, there are no classes. Missed group lessons are usually not made up for, but this depends per school. If there are 2 holidays in one week, there is always at least 1 day made up for during the rest of the week.

How does my first day of class look like?

Through your personal page we will inform you of the exact time to be at the school. If you are not an absolute beginner in Spanish, you will first make a Spanish test. Based on this test you will be placed in a group suitable to your level.

Some schools do a welcome talk or guided tour through the area where the school is. After that your Spanish lessons start.

Are the classes always in the same building?

In most destinations the school is located in 1 main building. At some schools classrooms might be spread over 2 or more nearby buildings.  


When does the course start?

All courses begin on a Monday and end on a Friday. Starting in the middle of the week is not possible.  Most courses start any Monday of the year. If Monday is a holiday and the school is closed, the course will start on a Tuesday. There are fixed start dates for absolute beginners and for some special courses, such as exam preparation courses or extensive evening courses. Customised individual classes can start on different weekdays. 

At what time does the first class start?

The exact start time will be written on your personal page, no later than 5 days before the start of your course. Depending on the destination, this can be somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00h, but can also be in the afternoon.

What happens if there are no students with the same level as I have?

As Spanish language specialists, all Linguaschools schools have a fair amount of students of different levels, all year round. This means we are always able to form groups of students of the same level. In the exceptional case that you are the only student in your level range, you will receive a reduced number of private lessons instead.

What is the course timetable?

In general, group classes take place in the mornings between 9:00 and 14:00 and in the afternoons between 14:00 and 19:00. Timetables vary per destination and might be subject to change during peak times.

What is the DELE exam?

DELE (Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera) certificates are granted by the Cervantes Institute, in the name of Spain's Ministry of Education. DELE exams follow levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. We offer courses that prepare you for this certificate and some of our schools are official exam centres for the DELE exam, so you can take the exam there too. Contact us for more information.

What is the SIELE exam?

SIELE is a proficiency exam that certifies Spanish ability to various language competency levels. It works with a points system equivalent to levels on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR): A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1.

We offer courses that prepare you for this certificate and some of our schools are official exam centres for the SIELE exam, so you can take the exam there too. Contact us for more information.

I think the level of my group is too high or too low. What can I do?

First contact the secretary of the school if you think you are in a group learning at the wrong level for you. They will discuss this with your teacher or the head teacher and inform you of the possibilities to transfer you to another group.

Who are my class mates?

The age, nationality and background of Linguaschools students is very diverse. Whether you are a university student or haven't studied for the last 20 years, the schools’ atmospheres makes you feel at home immediately.
From July to September in Spain, there is a higher proportion of relatively younger people (students), then during the rest of the year. Our students are from all over the world. This varies a little per destination, so if you want to know more exact, check out the statistics provided on the page of each destination.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, on the last day of your course you will receive a certificate indicating the time spent at the school, the number of lessons attended and the level achieved. Attendance of at least 80% is necessary to obtain such a certificate. 

I have a certificate from my university, but I am put in a lower level group than the certificate says. Why?

Though it is not very common, we have noticed that other (language) schools or universities do not always work as strictly to the European Framework of Languages in the way we do. For example they only value certain parts of it, or have another interpretation.
We evaluate your level of comprehension, reading and listening, and how you actively use the language when speaking and writing. We do this with everybody, so you will always be with students who are at the same level as you are. If you have questions about this, you can always talk with the school staff or with your teacher.


Can I look for my own accommodation?

Yes, of course. We offer our accommodation as an extra service to our students, but if you want to find your own accommodation, that’s no problem at all. Just book the Spanish course only.

Are utility bills included?

The accommodation price includes all bills, like water, gas and electricity. No extra fees will be charged. In some cases a deposit is required and we will inform you of this in advance. The deposit will be refunded when no damages/problems have occurred. In most destinations, accommodations have washing machines that are free to use. If not, this is specifically mentioned.

On what day is check-in/check-out?

By default, accommodation is reserved from the Sunday before the start of the course, until the Saturday after the course. Extra nights are subject to availability and can be booked upon request. An extra amount will be charged per night. Please note that in Valencia you can arrive on Saturday without any extra costs and in Montañita and Tamarindo you can leave on Sunday without any extra costs. If you want to book any of these extra nights, please leave a note on the online enrolment form, or send us an email with your request.

How far is it from the school to the accommodation?

You will always be within 30 minute travel distance from the school, regardless of the destination and accommodation type. But please note the differences per destination. Some student residences are on-site. Shared apartments might be in walking distance, like in Barcelona, Granada, Salamanca and Malaga.

Are bed sheets and towels included?

Freshly washed bed linen is always provided. Unless stated otherwise, you should bring your own towels.

What is included with half-board or full-board?

Half board includes breakfast and an evening meal. Full board includes breakfast, (packed) lunch and dinner. 

Can I change my accommodation if I'm not satisfied?

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with your accommodation, come to the school reception. In most cases small problems can be easily solved. If you still wish to change, you can do as long as we have something similar available, and you have a reasonable motivation. In some cases a change is possible, but you might be charged a change fee.

Do I have to take care of cleaning my accommodation?

A cleaning service is included in the price. However, this service usually only covers the common areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room. You will be expected to clean your own room and take care of day-to-day cleaning, washing the dishes, taking out the rubbish, etc.

Can I still live with a host family if I am a vegetarian or have a special diet or allergy?

Yes you can. But please leave a note on the online enrolment form, so we can take this into account and advise accordingly.

If I stay with a host family will I share with other students? How many other students?

Each destination and host family is a little different. Some hosts only have capacity to take one student. Others may have 2 or 3 at any one time. We always avoid placing students from the same country with the same host family. This is to ensure more opportunities to speak and practice Spanish.

Is there a lock on the bedroom?

In most host families or shared apartments there is no lock on the bedroom. Student residences generally do have a lock.

When staying with a host family do I need to be at home at set times?

When staying with a host family you are given privacy and independence. As an adult member of the house you can come and leave as you please. However, we ask you to be considerate and not disturb anybody late at night. If you will not be home for a meal then please inform your host in advance.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, in all accommodations there is Wi-Fi. However, in Montañita some families don’t have WIFI.

Is there hot water?

Yes, in all accommodations there is hot water. However, sometimes hot water cannot be guaranteed when staying with Montañita host families.

Can I arrive at the accommodation late at night?

Yes, in all destinations you may arrive late at night. However, in Barcelona and Valencia there are some limitations and you might have to pay an additional fee, or book an airport transfer to do a late check-in.

Can I use the kitchen?

In shared apartments and student residences it is always possible to use the kitchen to prepare your own meals. A fridge is available.

With host families it is usually not possible to make use of the kitchen; you may be able to prepare a light snack.


Do I need a visa to come to Spain?

Students from all European Union countries do not need a visa to study Spanish in Spain.

Students holding passports from various countries can stay in Spain for up to three months without a visa. This includes citizens of the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan and Korea. If you plan to study for longer than three months then you should obtain a student visa (type D) before arrival into Spain.

Students from other countries should contact the nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate to check the visa requirements. Linguaschools can provide an official Letter of Acceptance to support students needing a visa.

Find here the complete guide to obtaining a student visa for Spain.

Do I need a visa to study at one of the schools in Latin America?

The answer to this question varies, dependent on the passport you hold and the destination. We recommend that all students check the entry requirements for the destination they are interested in.

Up to date advice can usually be obtained from your country’s embassy or consulate in the destination country. These embassies usually have up to date websites with the correct information.

Please contact us if you are unsure or have any questions. 

How can I find the right embassy or consulate?

At the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs you can find a list of Spanish embassies and consulates over the world. You can also use Embassy Finder to locate the correct embassy. 

What does it cost to get a Letter of Acceptance?

Before sending you a Letter of Acceptance we require payment for the full program, including course and accommodation. We provide the Letter of Acceptance free of cost. We can send you a digital copy by email, which in some cases might be sufficient. If you need the original copy by regular mail or express mail, we will only charge you the costs the mail service charges us.

What happens if my visa is denied?

You need to inform us as soon as possible by sending a copy of the official letter of denial by email. In some cases we might be able to appeal the decision and/or help you to get the visa. In case your visa is definitely rejected and you will have to cancel your reservation, you will get a full refund minus an administrative fee. Check our terms & conditions for more information.

What course should I choose if I need a long term study visa?

Are you sure you need a student visa? Then the minimum course intensity is 20 lessons per week. All course which have 20 lessons per week or more are eligible for the student visa, however, the most chosen course is the Intensive 20 Spanish course or one of the University Pathway Programs


Can I book now, for next week?

In order to guarantee a place on one of our courses, you should enroll at least 2 weeks before your arrival date. If your preferred start date is within 2 weeks, please contact us and we will check availability. 
You will always need to check availability when booking certain special accommodations. Our online booking system will tell you if this is needed.

How does the payment work?

To complete online enrolment you pay a down payment of 250 EUR to secure your booking. The remaining amount can be paid in advance or on the first day of the course at the school reception. If the total reservation amount is less than the 250 EUR down payment, of course you will only pay the reservation amount.

After enrolment you will get log in details to your personal online page. On this page you can make payment via a secure online payment system.

We are a group of students. Do you offer a special price?

Yes, we do. We work with a lot of teachers and travel agencies to help organize group lessons. Please contact us for a special group quote.

Which payment options do you accept?

Your enrolment will be processed when we have received your down payment. You can make secure online payment using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). You can also pay through PayPal, direct debit, several local payment systems or international bank transfer. You can choose the payment method during the enrolment procedure. If you choose to pay by international bank transfer, it is very important that you use the exact reference code, as provided to you on the screen and by email.

How much do I pay as an enrolment fee and for class materials?

Nothing. We aim to have transparent pricing. So if it is not explicitly stated, there is no enrolment fee and all class material is included in the price.

We are 2 or more who want to come together and be in the same class and/or stay in the same accommodation. How should we book this?

If you want to book a course with 2 or more persons, each person should individually enrol through our website. On the second page you should add a note in the comment box, with the name of the person you are travelling with.

We will then make sure you will be placed together in the accommodation and/or class (as long as you have the same level). When you are with more than 2 persons we will always try our best, but cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the same accommodation. Contact us for more information.

Can I book multiple destinations?

Yes it’s possible to combine as many destinations as you want. For example, you could choose to study for 4 weeks in Barcelona and for 4 weeks in Salamanca. Or you can combine more cities. Please contact us and we’ll customize a price quote for you.

Can you send me a price quote?

You can find all prices per destination and compare them easily with other destinations on our price page. If you want an immediate quote, you can use the online booking system to request an online quote. If you want a customized course that you do not find on our website, please feel free to contact us.

Can I extend my stay on location?

In most of the schools it’s possible to extend your stay. However, do note that this is always subject to availability. Accommodation might not be available or an extension may mean you have to change rooms or apartments. Please leave a note on the enrolment form if you are considering staying longer, so we can already take this into account.

If you want to be sure, it is best to book your full stay in advance. In most cases the price per week is lower if you book more weeks in advance.

What happens after I enrol?

On working days, within 24h, you will get an email from us, with log in details to your personal page online; Here you will find all details about your reservation. You can also fill in your level test and arrival details (if applicable). You will find the apartment details and lesson start times no later than 5 days prior to the start of the course.

I don’t know my level of Spanish? What should I fill in on the enrolment form?

For now, it is most important to know if you have some knowledge of Spanish or none. If you fill in beginner, you will be placed in a group with absolute beginners. If you fill in anything else, you will take a level test online or on the first day of the course. You will also be tested verbally on your first day at school. In this way we will be able to place you in the right group, with students of a similar level.

I don’t understand any Spanish, in what language are classes taught?

At Linguaschools we believe in the language immersion method. This means that, generally, only Spanish is spoken in class from day one. This method extends to the beginner group. This might be difficult on your first day, but teachers are experts in language immersion and will support you with drawings and gestures. This method will help you to learn Spanish in an efficient way, and will force you to actively use the Spanish you are learning.

What is the Linguaschools personal page?

The personal page [] contains all the information relating to your booking. It provides a secure system to make payments and will detail important information about your course and accommodation, such as the start time for your first class. 


How do I get to the accommodation/school?

You will find school details on your personal page, including the address and directions from your accommodation. You will get the full details of your accommodation and classes on your personal page, no later than 5 days before your arrival.  If you have any question or doubt, feel free to contact us.

What is the airport transfer?

The airport transfer is an extra service you can book in addition to your accommodation. The service includes a driver who will pick you up from the airport and take you directly to your accommodation. Please note that the airport transfer is a single trip to your accommodation from the airport, bus station, or train station.

Spanish &

What if I have booked a Spanish & Surf program and there are no waves?

If weather conditions make it impossible to take the surf classes, the school will come up with a solution on location. This can be postponing the surf course, offering an alternative program, or a refund. 

Do I have to bring my own surfboard and/or wetsuit at the Spanish & surf course?

Although all material is included in the surf course, it is always possible to bring your own material when you have it.

Should I already have a certain level before joining the Spanish & Dance classes?

The Spanish & Dance classes are for all levels. Please leave a note on your enrolment form, indicating your level.  

I have my own guitar, can I bring it to the flamenco guitar course?

You can bring your own guitar. If not, you can rent one at the school for the duration of the course, so you can continue your practice outside the classes.

If I like the Spanish & program, is it possible to extend on location?

In most of the cases it’s possible to extend the Spanish & program on location. You can check this at the reception. 


Are Linguaschools schools recognised for Bildungsurlaub Germany?

Yes, many of our schools have their Intensive 30 or Intensive 20+10 courses recognised by various Bildungsulaub regions. Please note that the Bildungsurlaub is a grant only available for German citizens.

Are Linguaschools schools recognized by CSN Sweden?

Yes, all Linguaschools schools are recognized by CSN. Contact CSN and request the correct forms. We will send you a signed reservation confirmation as soon as we have received your registration and 250 EUR deposit.

We recommend you apply at least 5 weeks prior to the start of the course. The CSN process normally takes about 3 weeks, between receiving the application and the moment you receive the money. Allowing 5 weeks ensures you have time to pay the remaining course and accommodation fee.

Please mind that the CSN is only for Swedish citizens.