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Intensive Courses

Spanish courses in small groups of 20 lessons p/w or more

Learn Spanish in a fun and stimulating small-group environment. Our intensive group courses are for people who want to study Spanish, experience local culture, and meet new people from across the world.

The intensive Spanish courses are taught in small groups, with students who have the same language proficiency as you. You will work on all aspects of the language: conversation, grammar, vocabulary, listening and reading comprehension, and writing. Courses have a communicative character and are designed to improve accuracy and fluency. They increase your confidence and prepare you for speaking Spanish in real world situations. Classes generally take place during the morning. Depending on the season and destination, classes can also be in the afternoon.

Course duration Min. 1 week to max. 52 weeks
Included Class material and attendance certificate
Start date Every Monday of the year, except for absolute beginners

Intensive 20 and intensive 25

Level: For all levels

Using a communicative methodology, the Intensive 20 and Intensive 25 courses provide rapid improvement while immersing you in the Spanish language. The objective of these courses is for you to be able to communicate and take your Spanish into real world situations. With the Intensive 20 and Intensive 25 you will have respectively 4 and 5 classes per day, from Monday to Friday. There is a short break for coffee or refreshments between classes.

Intensive 30

Level: min. A1 level

The Intensive 30 increases your classroom time by offering 6 group lessons per day from Monday to Friday. It is just like the intensive 20, but has 2 extra small-group lessons on every day. These extra group lessons are generally taught in even smaller groups and focus on conversation, improving your fluency and communication. 

As the extra lessons are focused mainly on conversation, the Intensive 30 requires you to start with a lower elementary level of Spanish. If you are an absolute beginner and want a more intense course we recommend that you choose any of the combination courses.

Spanish for 50+

Level: For all levels

Our standard Spanish courses are perfectly suited for students in their 50’s, 60’s, or older. We have students of all ages, all year round. However, we offer the 50+ course for students aged over 50 who prefer to study exclusively with their own age group. 

During this course you will have 4 lessons per day, Monday to Friday. The rest of the day allows you participate and experience local culture. 


In Granada, Spain, you have activities such as a guided Albaycin tour, tapas evening, a workshop on reading Spanish newspapers, or going to a Flamenco show, etc. 


In Cusco, Peru, class activities may include a visit to a school, an orphanage, a local market or artisans’ fair.

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Long term Intensive

Level: All levels

The long term intensive Spanish course is the best course if you want to learn Spanish with us for a long time. Each program consist of the intensive 20 Spanish course and in addition some weeks of holidays to allow you to take a break to travel around Spain or Europe. You can start this course any Monday of the year.

Long term intensive Spanish programs:
6 months: 27 weeks intensive 20 course + 3 weeks holidays
9 month: 36 weeks intensive 20 course + 4 weeks holidays
12 months: 47 weeks intensive 20 course + 5 weeks holidays

This program is perfect if you need a (type D) study visa for Spain. If you book this program, Linguaschools will help you during the whole process to obtain your visa without any additional cost. Once you’re in Spain we will help you with getting your TIE/NIE and other paperwork.

All you need to know about getting a Spanish study visa:
Do I need a visa to study in Spain?
How to get a study visa for Spain for non-EU students

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When does the course start?

All courses begin on a Monday and end on a Friday. Starting in the middle of the week is not possible.  Most courses start any Monday of the year. If Monday is a holiday and the school is closed, the course will start on a Tuesday. There are fixed start dates for absolute beginners and for some special courses, such as exam preparation courses or extensive evening courses. Customised individual classes can start on different weekdays. 

At what time does the first class start?

The exact start time will be written on your personal page, no later than 5 days before the start of your course. Depending on the destination, this can be somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00h, but can also be in the afternoon.

What happens if there are no students with the same level as I have?

As Spanish language specialists, all Linguaschools schools have a fair amount of students of different levels, all year round. This means we are always able to form groups of students of the same level. In the exceptional case that you are the only student in your level range, you will receive a reduced number of private lessons instead.

What is the course timetable?

In general, group classes take place in the mornings between 9:00 and 14:00 and in the afternoons between 14:00 and 19:00. Timetables vary per destination and might be subject to change during peak times.

I think the level of my group is too high or too low. What can I do?

First contact the secretary of the school if you think you are in a group learning at the wrong level for you. They will discuss this with your teacher or the head teacher and inform you of the possibilities to transfer you to another group.

Who are my class mates?

The age, nationality and background of Linguaschools students is very diverse. Whether you are a university student or haven't studied for the last 20 years, the schools’ atmospheres makes you feel at home immediately.
From July to September in Spain, there is a higher proportion of relatively younger people (students), then during the rest of the year. Our students are from all over the world. This varies a little per destination, so if you want to know more exact, check out the statistics provided on the page of each destination.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, on the last day of your course you will receive a certificate indicating the time spent at the school, the number of lessons attended and the level achieved. Attendance of at least 80% is necessary to obtain such a certificate.