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Linguaschools accreditations

Memberships and accreditations

At Linguaschools we believe that there are many different measures of quality. Primarily we are judged by the satisfaction and progress made by our students. Our schools are certified and accredited by various international organisations as well, another indication of their high quality standards.


Instituto Cervantes

The Instituto Cervantes is one of the most prestigious and important accreditation bodies for Spanish language schools. Schools must meet a high quality standard in academics and school facilities. The Instituto Cervantes is attached to the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our schools in Barcelona and Granada and our associate schools in Valencia, Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca and San Sebastian (Spain) are accredited. In Latin America our associate schools in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Tamarindo (Costa Rica) are all accredited.

Madrid Chamber of Commerce

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce has accredited four of our schools as official exam centres for the Madrid Chamber of Commerce exam: Barcelona, Granada, Málaga and San Sebastian. The exam itself is created in cooperation with the Universidad Alcalá de Henares.


The Federación Española de Escuelas de Español para Extranjeros (FEDELE) is an association of Spanish language schools in Spain. Its main objective is to promote a high quality of teaching Spanish in Spain. Our schools in Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Madrid, Salamanca and San Sebastian (Spain) are all member of the FEDELE.


Linguaschools is well known by the Swedish organization CSN and our students can receive grants in order to accomplish their Spanish studies. CSN is an entity managed by the Swedish educational organs, that helps and awards loans to Swedish students, for funding language courses abroad. Many of our Swedish students apply for CSN grant to support their study in our school.


The Erasmus+ is the European Commission's program for education. Our schools in Barcelona, Granada and San Sebastian are recognised as official partner of this program.