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Feeling at home starts with a place where you feel comfortable. All our accommodation ensures you can settle into a new city, new country and new culture.

We know that the comfort and quality of the accommodation is an important part of your stay abroad. Our accommodation provides a home away from home, whether it’s in a shared apartment, a student residence, or with a host family.

On a new adventure you need your own space. With all our accommodation you retain your privacy and independence. Yet you also share new experiences and make new friends. Our accommodations help you fully live the Spanish experience while providing endless opportunities to practice and improve your new language skills.

Shared apartment
Shared apartments offer comfortable accommodation in a city. You share with a mix of other language students and locals (this varies per location), bringing lots of opportunity to converse in Spanish at a level that suits you. Apartments are in local neighbourhoods and you feel like part of a community, from meeting the neighbours to discovering favourite cafes and streets. These apartments give you the flexibility and independence to live out your own adventure. Common areas are shared and with all shared apartments you have your own private bedroom.

Host family
An unbeatable cultural immersion, staying with a host family is the best way to take your Spanish from the classroom to the outside world. You’ll learn the nuances of the culture and language, as you join the family for meals and join in their daily routine. Staying with a host family offers a unique insight into a new culture. You truly live like a local and come to understand another way of life. With host family stays you have your own bedroom and privacy.

Student residence
Some of our schools offer a student residence accommodation. It is a great opportunity to become friends with other language school students. You can practice Spanish together and get to know the local way of life. Residences are generally very close to the school and some even offer a meal plan. 


Can I look for my own accommodation?

Yes, of course. We offer our accommodation as an extra service to our students, but if you want to find your own accommodation, that’s no problem at all. Just book the Spanish course only.

Are utility bills included?

The accommodation price includes all bills, like water, gas and electricity. No extra fees will be charged. In some cases a deposit is required and we will inform you of this in advance. The deposit will be refunded when no damages/problems have occurred. In most destinations, accommodations have washing machines that are free to use. If not, this is specifically mentioned.

On what day is check-in/check-out?

By default, accommodation is reserved from the Sunday before the start of the course, until the Saturday after the course. Extra nights are subject to availability and can be booked upon request. An extra amount will be charged per night. Please note that in Valencia you can arrive on Saturday without any extra costs and in Montañita and Tamarindo you can leave on Sunday without any extra costs. If you want to book any of these extra nights, please leave a note on the online enrolment form, or send us an email with your request.

Can I change my accommodation if I'm not satisfied?

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with your accommodation, come to the school reception. In most cases small problems can be easily solved. If you still wish to change, you can do as long as we have something similar available, and you have a reasonable motivation. In some cases a change is possible, but you might be charged a change fee.

Do I have to take care of cleaning my accommodation?

A cleaning service is included in the price. However, this service usually only covers the common areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room. You will be expected to clean your own room and take care of day-to-day cleaning, washing the dishes, taking out the rubbish, etc.