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Host family

Host family

Staying with a host family is the complete cultural experience. You will gain a privileged view of local daily life and come to understand the nuances of local culture. This is a very authentic experience as you dine with your host family and have opportunity to join in their daily home routine.

Host family accommodation also maximises your opportunity to practice Spanish. Hosts will encourage you to speak and make you feel confident in using the language. All our families are carefully selected and vetted, ensuring that you have both a comfortable and engaging local stay.

WIFI all host families have free Wi-Fi (in Montañita some families don’t have Wi-Fi)
MEALS INCLUDED breakfast / breakfast and dinner / or all meals
ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE standard arrival is on Sunday, departure on Saturday

Host family

By having a private room and keys, students enjoy a homestay experience yet still have the comforts of independence. Each student must adhere to the rules and customs of their Spanish or Latin American family. Please note that a host family is not always the typical family of two parents with children. For example, it can also consist of a divorced woman (with or without children) or a retired couple. Breakfast: includes breakfast Half board: includes breakfast and dinner Full board: includes breakfast, (packed) lunch and dinner Please note that a double room can only be reserved for 2 students who travel together. If you are allergic or vegetarian, or have any special requirements, let us know in advance and we will do our best to guarantee your request.

Available In
Single and double room half board
All destinations

With private bathroom

There is also the possibility to stay in a single or a double room with a private bathroom. The use of the bathroom is exclusive for you, within the host family home. In some cases your private bathroom would be across the hall, rather than an ensuite.

Available In
Single and double room breakfast
Available In
Single and double room half board

Arrival information::

You can go to the accommodation by yourself or you can book an airport transfer ahead. A driver will then pick you up at the airport and drive you to your apartment. The price depends on the distance from the airport. Take a look at 'prices' for the city you prefer. Please note the airport transfer is a single journey. The transfer back to the airport after your stay is not included. You can arrange this at the school or you can contact us.


When does the course start?

All courses begin on a Monday and end on a Friday. Starting in the middle of the week is not possible.  Most courses start any Monday of the year. If Monday is a holiday and the school is closed, the course will start on a Tuesday. There are fixed start dates for absolute beginners and for some special courses, such as exam preparation courses or extensive evening courses. Customised individual classes can start on different weekdays. 

At what time does the first class start?

The exact start time will be written on your personal page, no later than 5 days before the start of your course. Depending on the destination, this can be somewhere between 7:30 and 9:00h, but can also be in the afternoon.

We are 2 or more who want to come together and be in the same class and/or stay in the same accommodation. How should we book this?

If you want to book a course with 2 or more persons, each person should individually enrol through our website. On the second page you should add a note in the comment box, with the name of the person you are travelling with.

We will then make sure you will be placed together in the accommodation and/or class (as long as you have the same level). When you are with more than 2 persons we will always try our best, but cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the same accommodation. Contact us for more information.