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Latin America

Learn Spanish in Spain

Learning a language and becoming fluent is a process which takes time. The best way to learn the Spanish language is to immerse in the language in a country where Spanish is spoken. The language spoken in a country is only part of the countries culture. We think the best way to learn the language is to be in frequent contact with that culture and learn to understand not only what is spoken, but also why it is spoken. Learn Spanish in Spain is something to be considered. In 7 different cities in Spain lingua offers a language school in which to learn Spanish, these cities are: San Sebastian, Barcelona, Salamanca, Madrid, Granada, Valencia and Malaga. When following a course on one of these language schools you will be submersed in the Spanish language and culture making it easier to pick up on the language.

Another option is to learn Spanish in Latin America. For example in Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile or Argentina. Buenos Aires is a popular destination for a combination of a Spanish course with Tango dancing, while our language schools in Ecuador and Costa Rica offer great Spanish and surf programs.

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