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Latin America


Spanish teacher in Valencia
We work hard to help the students to learn Spanish, but we also learn a lot from them! It's like bringing the world into a classroom, a meeting point of different cultures.


Spanish teacher in Salamanca
Being a Spanish teacher is wonderful. I enjoy transmitting my culture and language to my students a lot. I love it when my students start to speak Spanish with each other outside the classroom.


Spanish teacher in Santiago de Chile
What I like most about teaching here is getting to know people from different countries, who have different backgrounds and have made different experiences in life. They teach me more than I teach them.


Spanish teacher in Santiago de Chile
What I like most about teaching here is getting to know people from different countries, who have different backgrounds and have made different experiences in life. They teach me more than I teach them.


Director of studies in San Sebastian
My only concern is that students improve their Spanish. To ensure this I coordinate all our teaching staff and also make sure students end up in the right group. So come talk to me if you think you should be placed in a higher or lower group.


Student consultant in Valencia
I've been at Linguaschools Valencia since 2015. And I feel this school is my house, a place where I've grown professionally, but also where I've met a new family.


Student consultant in Santiago de Chile
Working here is dynamic. Every day is a little bit different. The tasks change, the students change and that makes my job exciting.


Student consultant in San Sebastian
I love being part of the students experience. They are all so different and I look forward to helping them each day. I also learn so many things from them. The school and the staff are awesome; it makes it so much easier working in a pleasant atmosphere.


Cleaning lady in Tamarindo
I love to work at Linguaschools Tamarindo because there's a great atmosphere in the school and I have a great relation with students and my colleagues.


Spanish teacher in Cusco
I love the mix of cultures that we have at school. It is great to teach students the Spanish language and hear them speaking the language. My experience teaching Spanish is one of the best experiences in my life.


Activity coordinator Barcelona
I love to start the week welcoming all students on Monday with homemade Sangria.


Spanish teacher in Malaga
I love my work because the students come with a lot of motivation. It’s also so educational to meet people of different countries and ages.


Student consultant in Valencia
It's great to work at Linguaschools Valencia. You get the chance to meet people from all over the world, so you learn a lot every day. It's a truly multicultural and positive environment.


Central reservations Barcelona
I've always had an interest in languages but hadn't studied Spanish before moving to Barcelona. Now I have mastered the Spanish language and can use it to travel to other parts of Spain and to really get to know the local people.


Spanish teacher in Salamanca
Being a Spanish teacher is special. It seems like a continuing journey without leaving my city. The interaction with people from all over the world not only enriches your personal development, it also helps you to have more respect for other cultures and lifestyles.


Spanish teacher in Cusco
I have been a teacher at Linguaschools Cusco for many years now. I have met incredible people who have shared their experiences with me, and this has truly enriched my professional and personal life!


Spanish teacher in Salamanca
I love to be a teacher, learn from my students and motivate them to make the most of their learning journey and enjoy it at the same time.


Activity coordinator in San Sebastian
I´m very proud of my heritage and I love to show our city and its surroundings to everyone. I take groups of students to places normally undiscovered by tourists. With the utmost passion I will share our stories with you.


Academic coordinator in Tamarindo
I am responsible for the academic part of the school in Tamarindo. I also organise the planning of the courses and the teachers. I am happy to be able to apply my knowledge in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language.


Student consultant in Valencia
We're like a big family in the office. We work and laugh together. We simply love our job and that's something you can say when looking into the faces of your colleagues.


Accommodation coordinator in Cusco
Working at Linguaschools Cusco is great! I will help you if you have any doubt about your accommodation and your meals in our residence or in your host family.


Spanish teacher in Cusco
Working at the Linguaschools school in Cusco is incredible, as it gives me the chance to combine two of my passions: one is teaching Spanish and the other one is cultural exchange with people from all around the world.

About us

Linguaschools started as a small project matching language school students with high quality, ‘hidden’ Spanish language schools. This has evolved into one of the leading networks of high-quality Spanish language schools in Spain and Latin America. Over this time we have never compromised on our initial philosophy: to offer an unforgettable experience by providing high quality Spanish courses in a unique cultural context.

Our history
Linguaschools was set up by a former Spanish language school student and a spirited backpacker. Both wanted to share their passion for off the beaten path cultural experiences, realising that learning to speak the language is essential to enjoying local culture. Both also recognised that learning a language is also the perfect platform for a profound cultural immersion.

Linguaschools started by placing students in handpicked ‘hidden’ language schools, those that offered high quality but struggled to get recognition for their services. These were small to medium-sized language schools with a familiar atmosphere, schools where students have a name not a number. That ideology continues today as we believe high quality language education goes hand in hand with an unforgettable cultural encounter.

Back in 2005 we found that this profile of Spanish language schools were barely represented, or very difficult to find by language school students. Linguaschools developed by handpicking a limited selection of the very best Spanish schools. These were schools who believed the same philosophy for cultural immersion and met the very high Linguaschools standards.

Over the years, Linguaschools has converted into a network of Spanish schools throughout Spain and Latin America. We have our own schools, as well as working with partner schools who share our philosophy and high standards. Today, many thousands of students per year enjoy the Linguaschools experience. We are dedicated to innovating, maintaining our quality standards, and having fun while doing it.

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Add some flavour to your Spanish course and take full advantage of what each destination has to offer. Learn how to surf, cook with the locals, dance salsa or flamenco, and get involved with local life. There is something for every kind of traveler.

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