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Combination Courses

Spanish combination courses

These courses are for students who want to intensify and personalise their Spanish learning experience. They mix the personal attention of private lessons with the lively dynamic and international vibe of group lessons.

Small-group lessons provide opportunity to converse with other students and learn in a fun, stimulating environment. You can decide the subject for the individual classes. For example, you may choose to emphasise Spanish use in a business or medical environment. Or you can choose to focus on grammar, fluency, or any area in which you are weaker. As the individual classes are adjusted to your wishes and capacity, following this course will make you learn Spanish faster. Most classes generally take place in the morning. Depending on the season and destination, classes can also be in the afternoon.

COURSE DURATION Min. 1 week to max. 52 weeks
INCLUDED Class material and attendance certificate.
START DATE Every Monday of the year, except for absolute beginners

Intensive 20 + 5

Level: For all levels

Supplement the Spanish Intensive 20 with 5 private lessons a week. This means 1 extra private lesson per day, Monday to Friday. The private lessons are usually scheduled right before or right after your group lessons. This course is perfect if there is a subject you want to especially focus on, such as Spanish use in a business or medical environment, fluency, or some grammar issues you might find more challenging.

Intensive 20 + 10

Level: For all levels

This is one of the most intensive courses and leads to rapid improvements. In addition to the Spanish Intensive 20 you have 10 private lessons in the week. This means 2 extra private lessons per day, Monday to Friday. These private lessons are usually scheduled right before or right after your group lessons. This course is perfect if you want to learn Spanish quickly, especially if there is a specific reason you are learning Spanish; such as business, medical, or professional reasons. While group lessons provide a backbone to your learning, private lessons focus on what’s most important to you. If you have limited time available and want to make the most out of your stay, this is your course.

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All destinations

Intensive 30 + 5

Level: All

In terms of intensity, this course is similar to the Intensive 20+10 combination course. There are 7 lessons per day, with 6 group lessons followed or preceded by 1 private lesson. Monday to Friday. The private lessons are very useful for working on any of your weaker areas, so you develop a more rounded Spanish proficiency. For example, you may benefit from individualized support around grammar, fluency, or writing. These private lessons can also focus on subjects not usually covered in group lessons, such as medical or business Spanish.

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How does my first day of class look like?

Through your personal page we will inform you of the exact time to be at the school. If you are not an absolute beginner in Spanish, you will first make a Spanish test. Based on this test you will be placed in a group suitable to your level.

Some schools do a welcome talk or guided tour through the area where the school is. After that your Spanish lessons start.

Are the classes always in the same building?

In most destinations the school is located in 1 main building. At some schools classrooms might be spread over 2 or more nearby buildings.  

Which payment options do you accept?

Your enrolment will be processed when we have received your down payment. You can make secure online payment using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express). You can also pay through PayPal, direct debit, several local payment systems or international bank transfer. You can choose the payment method during the enrolment procedure. If you choose to pay by international bank transfer, it is very important that you use the exact reference code, as provided to you on the screen and by email.