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Shared apartment

Shared apartment

With all our shared apartments you experience life in a local city neighbourhood. Apartments are always a comfortable distance from the school and are well situated for exploring the rest of the city. Sharing with other language students and sometimes with locals means you can converse in Spanish outside the classroom.

This accommodation option provides complete independence. The kitchen, bathroom and living area are shared, while you have the privacy of your own bedroom. These apartments also offer a good value place to stay while being immersed in the Spanish or Latin American way of life. This is a great option for those looking for the opportunity to live with a variety of people from very different cultures and backgrounds. While the shared apartments have a regular cleaning service of the common areas, students are expected to take care of the day-to-day cleaning, such as washing the dishes, taking out the rubbish, etc.

WIFI all shared apartments have free WIFI
SELF-CATERING you can make use of the kitchen
Arrival/departure standard arrival is on Sunday, departure on Saturday

Standard apartment

These fully equipped apartments are generally shared with an average of 2 to 5 locals and/or language school students (varies per location). You will have your own room which includes all of the standard necessities: single or double bed, wardrobe, table and chair, etc. The living room, kitchen and bathroom are shared with your housemates. Please note that double rooms can only be reserved for 2 students traveling together. If you want to come together with a friend, and you want to stay in a single room in the same apartment, in most cases that’s no problem either. In both cases, please leave a note on the enrolment form.

Available In
Small single room
Big single room

With private bathroom

We also have the possibility to stay in a single or a double room with a private bathroom. The use of the bathroom is exclusive for you. In some cases your private bathroom would be across the hall, rather than ensuite in your bedroom.

Available In
Single and double room
Available In
Big single room and double room

Shared apartment plus

Our standard shared apartments offer everything you need for a pleasant stay. In Madrid we also offer what’s known as ‘shared apartment plus’. These are like the standard option, but are either a bit more luxurious, more spacious, or more centrally located. Please note that double rooms can only be reserved for 2 students travelling together. If you want to come together with a friend, and you want to stay in a single room in the same apartment, in most cases that’s no problem either. In both cases, please leave a note on the enrolment form.

Available In
Single and double room

Arrival information:

You can book an airport transfer ahead of your arrival. A driver will pick you up at the airport and drive you directly to your apartment or to the school. The price of this depends on the distance from the airport. Please take a look at transfer prices for your chosen location. Please note the airport transfer is a single journey. A transfer back to the airport is not included. You can arrange this at the school or on request can be added to your reservation in advance.


Are utility bills included?

The accommodation price includes all bills, like water, gas and electricity. No extra fees will be charged. In some cases a deposit is required and we will inform you of this in advance. The deposit will be refunded when no damages/problems have occurred. In most destinations, accommodations have washing machines that are free to use. If not, this is specifically mentioned.

On what day is check-in/check-out?

By default, accommodation is reserved from the Sunday before the start of the course, until the Saturday after the course. Extra nights are subject to availability and can be booked upon request. An extra amount will be charged per night. Please note that in Valencia you can arrive on Saturday without any extra costs and in Montañita and Tamarindo you can leave on Sunday without any extra costs. If you want to book any of these extra nights, please leave a note on the online enrolment form, or send us an email with your request.

How far is it from the school to the accommodation?

You will always be within 30 minute travel distance from the school, regardless of the destination and accommodation type. But please note the differences per destination. Some student residences are on-site. Shared apartments might be in walking distance, like in Barcelona, Granada, Salamanca and Malaga.

Are bed sheets and towels included?

Freshly washed bed linen is always provided. Unless stated otherwise, you should bring your own towels.

Can I change my accommodation if I'm not satisfied?

If for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with your accommodation, come to the school reception. In most cases small problems can be easily solved. If you still wish to change, you can do as long as we have something similar available, and you have a reasonable motivation. In some cases a change is possible, but you might be charged a change fee.

Do I have to take care of cleaning my accommodation?

A cleaning service is included in the price. However, this service usually only covers the common areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen and living room. You will be expected to clean your own room and take care of day-to-day cleaning, washing the dishes, taking out the rubbish, etc.

Is there a lock on the bedroom?

In most host families or shared apartments there is no lock on the bedroom. Student residences generally do have a lock.

Can I arrive at the accommodation late at night?

Yes, in all destinations you may arrive late at night. However, in Barcelona and Valencia there are some limitations and you might have to pay an additional fee, or book an airport transfer to do a late check-in.