Our Spanish school in San Sebastian, Spain  

It´s no wonder San Sebastian was named European Capital of Culture 2016, jam packed with music & film festivals, culinary events and traditional Basque festivals. Our school is just a short walk away from the centre and Zurriola surf beach. And yes, we do offer the opportunity to combine Spanish with Surfing!

We are based in a modern, spacious building with fully equipped classrooms as well as a terrace and chill out area. The school also has a library and film room full of resources for students to practice reading and listening comprehension.

Our Spanish courses are very interactive and are led by fully trained, highly qualified teachers. You will be taught directly in Spanish, even if you are an absolute beginner, in order to fully immerse yourself in the language. Don´t worry too much about this, teachers will explain things more than once in various different ways so that you are able to understand, you´ll be amazed at how effective this approach is.

Most students tend to opt for the Intensive 20 course, which consists of 20 group classes per week, but if you prefer something even more intensive it is also possible to book the Intensive 30 course. The group courses focus on all aspects of the language (speaking, reading, listening, writing, grammar, vocabulary) but if you have specific learning requirements and would prefer to focus solely on a certain aspect of the language you are able to book private classes. We offer the opportunity to combine group classes with private classes with our Intensive 20 + 5 and Intensive 20 + 10 courses.

Many students choose San Sebastian for its wide variety of activities on offer (particularly surfing!). We offer a Spanish and surf programme at our school which can be combined with our Intensive 20 course.  We usually recommend students to book fewer weeks of surf programme than course weeks as the surfing is dependent on the waves. You can always book more surf weeks directly at the school if you are lucky with the wave conditions.

Aside from surfing, San Sebastian is a great destination for thrill seekers, with lots of outdoor activities on offer, ranging from skiing in the Pyrenees in the winter to kayaking, mountain biking and hiking along part of the Camino de Santiago route.

For those not so keen on adventure, you will have plenty to occupy yourself with as San Sebastian has an event or festival every month (actually almost every week!). There are a broad range of music & film festivals, such as the Human Rights Film Festival in April, Youth Theatre Festival in May, Jazzaldia Jazz festival in July, Donostia-San Sebastian Muscial Fortnight in August (classical music), Zinemaldia International Film Festival in September and International Underwater Film festival in November, just to name a few!

Of course there is also the Running of the bulls in July as well as various other Basque traditions such as Saint Thomas Day in December, a farmers´ market selling traditional goods and cider, and Euskal Jaiak in September, which is a week-long celebration with traditional dances, local cider, boat races, sports competitions and Basque music.

And if all this is still not enough our school puts on a range of activities. Some are free but some have a cost depending on the activity. Here is an example of a few:

  • Language exchanges
  • Visits to local museums & cultural centres
  • Tapas & Pintxo tours
  • Tour of San Sebastian
  • Visits to a Basque cider house
  • Excursions to nearby cities such as Bilbao & Pamplona
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  1. I wish to enroll in your Intensive 20 course for 50 weeks.

    I am a US citizen whos visits San Sebastian every year as a tourist.

    I would need a Student Visa for the year but wondered if my wife could stay with me during the academic year? What requirements would she need as a US citizen?

    We will be in Donostia-San Sebastian from 17-30 December 2021 and willing to speak with your Academic and Administration to discuss our goals.

    Thank you,

    Robert Cain


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