Wine tasting in San Sebastián

With our students from Linguaschools San Sebastián, we decided it was a nice day to take a walk through the old city and take a break from the classes. So we got together and headed out to spend the day outdoors.

There are a couple of new students that don’t know so well the historical center yet, so we showed them the main spots in the city and seize the moment to relive them ourselves.

After walking a while, we thought it was a good time to rest and recover a little bit by tasting one of the most famous sparkling white wines in Basque Country: Txakoli.

Txakoli is a light and quite acidic wine made mainly on the coast; it is made from grapes of the Courbu variety, known in Spain as Hondarrabi Zuri (white) and Hondarrabi Beltza (red). Traditional Txakoli is slightly carbonated and with a somewhat lower alcohol content than traditional wines.

Our new classmates really enjoyed it and were happy to get to know the city and its culture better, and we were grateful for the walk and the day outside together.

Hopefully, soon we’ll be right back on the wine tasting! ????

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