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   Excursiones Salamanca
   Aktivitäten Salamanca
   Excursies Salamanca
   Activités Salamanca
   Attività Salamanca
   Экскурсии в Саламанке
   Aktiviteter Salamanca
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Activities in Salamanca

We strive to give our students the optimal balance between a good learning experience and some good fun abroad. Our school has a varied programme of activities which we offer besides the course programme. This way you have the possibility to come into contact with other students and enjoy Spanish culture. Some of the activities during the week are offered for free, others require a small contribution from the attending students. Weekend activities are usually a bit more expensive. These are some examples:

week programme
  • welcome party
  • guided city tour
  • outdoor barbecue
  • visits to a bull breeding estate
  • Spanish films
  • Picnic
  • food tasting
weekend excursions
  • Toledo
  • Madrid
  • Santiago de Compostela
  • Portugal
  • Burgos
  • Segovia
  • Valle de los Caidos
special events
  • El Lunes de Agua – This day (‘the Monday of Water’) is the last day of a religious Easter feast where the inhabitants of Salamanca, the Salmantinos, all get dressed up in carnival costumes and go to the river Tormes.
  • Ferias y Fiestas de San Mateo – Spectacular festival with a lot of parties, concerts and processions.
    >> 2 weeks in September


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