Special Nights in Granada

Even though we are experiencing an exceptional situation worldwide due to the global pandemic, culture doesn’t stop in Granada.

On this occasion, we will be able to enjoy magnificent events in two dream places such as Carmen de los Mártires, that we also visit with our students on our city tours, and the Quinta Alegre Palace. On September 3rd, 4th, and 5th there will be three days of open-air concerts organized by the Granada festival En Órbita, which has had to postpone its 2020 edition to next year.

First, on Thursday the 3rd we will be able to enjoy Las Dianas and Colectivo Da Silva, two groups from Granada, that will be accompanied by Cariño, the indie group from Madrid. Then, on Friday the 4th, we will have an all-Granada night with some of the best local bands such as Radio Palmer, Nilsson, and Niños Mutantes.

Finally, on Saturday 5th the concerts move to the Quinta Alegre Palace to delight us with the performance of the Granada-born Nevada and Javi Teral, Margaux’s singer, to end with an acoustic session by the Madrid-born Coque Malla.

It’s worth noting that all these concerts comply with all the security measures for the prevention of COVID-19 established by the national and regional Spanish government.

More information on the Instagram of Special Nights. If you want to buy tickets, check out this website.

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