Exhibition “Picasso, the Guernica trip” in Granada

Guernica by Pablo Picasso is one of the most outstanding and influential works of art of the 20th century. Over time it has generated such fascination that it is currently an emblem of modern art, a symbol of freedom against wars and a reference for all kinds of citizen mobilizations.

Originally created for the 1937 Paris International Exhibition as an element of
propaganda in favor of the Second Spanish Republic, this painting was then put to
Civil War refugee service. After World War II, it was sent to the MoMA of New York and became a symbol of modern art.

Due to its great success, Guernica has traveled a lot: it has toured museums from Paris to New York, from São Paulo to Stockholm, from London to Milan, from Munich to Madrid, among many other cities in Europe and America. It has also been an emblem in all kinds of citizen agitations and protests: from the Vietnam War in the sixties to the conflict in Syria and the refugee crisis in recent years.

The impact of Picasso’s work and, specifically, Guernica challenges the memory of our time and reaches our days.

Until March 20, the exhibition “Picasso, the Guernica trip” will take place in Granada. This project is the result of research, whose results are presented in this traveling exhibition. The exhibition is housed inside two deployable units that, installed in squares and avenues, offer an exhibition space of 200 m2. The exquisite design of this space is inspired by the rationalism of the Pavilion of the Spanish Republic of the Paris Exhibition of 1937 and offers its contents from photographs, posters, letters, newspapers from different eras and, above all, audiovisuals.

So if you are an art lover or just want to learn more about this famous work, you cannot miss this excellent opportunity.

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