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Linguaschools Valencia is based in a villa located in a unique setting where you can enjoy your classes, lounge on one of our terraces or study in our library. The high quality of our Spanish classes has been our key to success from the moment we opened. Due to our great results, many of our students recommend Linguaschools Valencia, converting it into the most popular school in Valencia. Our school offers a cosmopolitan, but at the same time homely atmosphere. Our teachers and staff will do their best to resolve any question or doubts you may have in order to make you stay as comfortable as possible. We will also help you to understand Spanish culture, and the Spanish way of life.

At our school in Valencia, we use our own teaching method based on the conversation as the way to learning language skills, where the student has the leading role in the communication. The philosophy of our method takes the error as the beginning of learning, creating a pleasant atmosphere which encourages the students to participate in the classroom without fear of making mistakes. Teachers are key to developing our method. With their professionalism and effort, we create “a la carte” Spanish courses. Our classes are weekly designed depending on the number of students attending the classes, so that all classes are profitable to each student, rather than following a manual or a specific textbook. The coordinated work of the teachers, and the fact that we always work with small groups of students, enables an evaluation of the student’s progression in class, so it is not necessary to perform frequently written examinations to determine the changes in the students’ levels.


Each class is designed so that the student reaches a linguistic objective according to his or her level. Thus, every class has a beginning and an end, so that all students make the most of all classes and so that those who attend classes fewer days per week don’t get lost. Since the learning pace of each student is different, each student will change levels individually. In this way, students can learn Spanish “at their own pace”, and won’t have to keep pace with the rest of the students.


Our school offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, both cultural and recreational. It is an opportunity for knowing the cultural richness of Valencia and its surroundings, as well as the most tourist attractions. Specially in Summer, we also go on trips to other cities in Spain, like Madrid, Barcelona or Mallorca. Our activity program is also a way of making friends with other Linguaschools students that aren’t classmates, and also a way of having fun and unforgettable moments.

Some of the most frequent activities are:

  • Salsa and Flamenco lessons
  • Tour guided in the city of Valencia
  • Football and volleyball matches
  • Lessons in Spanish cookery
  • Bowling
  • Visits to the city’s museums
  • Attendance to plays, concerts and regional dances
  • Attendance to popular celebrations in towns surrounding Valencia
  • International dinners
  • School parties (Christmas and D.E.L.E. End of class, among others)

The most common excursions are:

  • Visit to the Calpe beach
  • Visit to Morella
  • Excursion to Aquarama
  • Weekend trips to Madrid, Barcelona and Mallorca

Spanish courses

Linguaschools Valencia offers different types of Spanish language courses which are designed to meet the needs of each one of our students.

Linguaschools Spanish courses in Spain
Linguaschools - Learn Spanish and dive into culture


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