How beautiful Tarragona is

Located on aproximately 1,5 hour by car or by train from Barcelona, Tarragona is one of those cities that exceeds the expectations. Once you’ve visited, you’ll wonder why it is not better known as a tourist destination. Its Roman heritage, protected by UNESCO since 2000, is overwhelming.

Founded as a military base for Rome during the Punic Wars, the current city of Tarragona, Tarraco, became one of the largest and most imposing cities of the Roman Empire, with its beautiful buildings and vibrant cultural life. That’s why you can find ruins behind every corner. And its medieval quarter is really beautiful.

We visited the Gothic Cathedral, the Roman Circus and Amphitheater, and spent some time eating delicious tapas at the City Hall square.

It is worth spending a day to visit Tarragona, although we suggest that you reserve at least two, to enjoy it as it deserves.

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