Watching together “El Clásico”

The meeting between the sport clubs of Barcelona and Real Madrid can’t be unnoticed in Spain and in the whole world. There are several fans that both teams have in the country and around the planet, and of course all of them are super interested, since both teams include sports figures who are very popular for their soccer talent.

That is why this match is important for the fans of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, because it is “a classic game” where both teams measure their forces in order to emerge victorious.

This match is followed at the stadium, at the bar, on social networks and even at a wedding. Since the games of general interest stopped broadcasting in the public TV, the bars have been football temples. Thousands of people will meet again in them throughout Spain to follow the Clásico. We went to Ovella Negra bar to live the experience of a “El Clásico” night!

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