Cruise and trip to Portugal from Salamanca

At Linguaschools Salamanca we know that students not only enroll in our courses to learn Spanish but also to explore the western region of the peninsula. Therefore, a few weeks ago we organized an excursion to several towns on the Portuguese border.

First, we visited the Ledesma Castle, in the province of Salamanca, dating from the fifteenth century. Then, we continued our trip to Portugal and cruised the Douro River, a natural border between the Portuguese country and Spain.

During the boat trip, we could enjoy an incredible landscape in an area which is a World Heritage by UNESCO.

Finally, we went to Miranda do Douro, a town in Portugal, where we visited the cathedral, walked along its streets and tasted the typical dishes of Portuguese cuisine.

It was a long but fun day in which the students had a lot of fun so we are already planning the next excursion.

Do you want to learn Spanish and tour the western part of Spain? Come learn with us at Linguaschools Salamanca!

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