Excursion to Fuente del Avellano and Silla del Moro

At Linguaschools Granada we know that the students come to the school mainly to learn Spanish but they also want to go to the most beautiful places in the city. That’s why this week we took them to the Fuente del Avellano and Silla del Moro.

The Fuente del Avellano (which translates as Hazelnut Fountain in English) is a path that runs next to the Generalife Gardens and has plaques where we stopped to read poems written by Granada authors. Then, we went to a small forest and we walked to the Silla del Moro (Moor’s chair in English) to enjoy one of the best landscapes in the city.

Along our walk, we also saw the Acequia Real that supplies the Alhambra since the thirteenth century.

It was a wonderful experience in which we discovered the path of poetry and history in a unique landscape environment.

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