Traditional food workshop in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country not only full of beautiful landscapes and beaches but also delicious food. At Linguaschools Tamarindo, we want our students to learn Spanish and also get to know our culture. That’s why we organized a traditional food workshop.

In Costa Rica, there is a large variety of popular meals but our favorite is empanadas. Empanadas are both tasty and nutritious so we enjoyed teaching our students how to prepare this delicious dish.

First, we made the dough with cornflour. Then we stuffed them with fresh cheese and ground beans and fried them. This is just one possibility as you can use other ingredients such as meat, chicken, ham, vegetables, and so on.

Once our empanadas were ready, we spent some time together talking and practicing Spanish. The students enjoyed it very much so we’ll probably do it again soon!

Tamarindo is one of the best places to learn Spanish. What are you waiting for to join our courses and come enjoy our workshops?

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