The 6 best places to learn Spanish near the beach

Living in Spain or Latin America is the best way to learn Spanish and it can be a very enriching experience. However, the place you choose to go will determine a lot of the experience. That’s why it’s worth taking your time to do a bit of research to pick the right place for you.

The good news is that we’ve already done that for you! Both in Spain and Latin America, there are a great number of options. Here we’ll help you narrow down your choices. 

Many people associate this language with the sun and good weather so here we’ll have a look at the best 6 places to learn Spanish close to the beach.

The 6 best places to learn Spanish near the beach

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain and one of the best ones to live in. 

It enjoys agreeable weather for the whole year, has many great beaches nearby, and the local accent is very clear making it a top destination to learn Spanish.

Even though the local language is Valencian (a dialect of Catalan), Spanish is the first language for most people. 

Valencia is considered to be the birthplace of paella so make sure you try one when you’re there!

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Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the most famous city in Spain and a very popular spot in any Eurotrip for good reason. You’ll be able to enjoy the pleasant weather, Sagrada Familia, Park Güell and all the attractions this beautiful city has to offer. Additionally, you’ll be surrounded by Spanish-speakers with a very clear accent.

Barcelona has many great beaches and it’s very well connected to other destinations. Therefore, it’s a great base to explore Catalonia, Spain and other places in Europe.

Even though many locals speak Catalan (the local language) they all speak Spanish so you won’t have any problems to practice. As it’s a tourist destination, English is also widely spoken so make sure you hang out with locals.

Montañita, Ecuador

If you’re planning to learn Spanish in South America, Montañita is an excellent choice. This small town is located on the southern coast of Ecuador 2.5 hours from Guayaquil.

Montañita is known for its pristine beaches, world-class surfing spots, and fun nightlife. It’s a popular destination for people who want to learn Spanish and surf so there are courses that combine both.

Ecuadorians usually speak slowly and clearly making Montañita an excellent choice if you’re starting to learn Spanish.

Málaga, Spain

Malaga is one of the Spanish cities that has gained more popularity in recent years. Beautiful beaches, amazing weather year-round, and rich Moorish history make it a must-see in Andalusia.

Málaga isn’t as big as Barcelona so you can walk or cycle to most of the attractions. Besides, it’s very well connected to other major cities in Europe and to beautiful beaches along the Costa del Sol making it an excellent destination for beach lovers.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Tamarindo is a beautiful beach located in the northwest of Costa Rica. It’s a popular holiday destination for people looking for amazing beaches, clear waters, and beautiful nature. 

This town is home to top surf spots so there are courses that allow you to learn Spanish and surf in a couple of weeks.

It’s worth noting that some people in Costa Rica pronounce the letter “R” similar to the English pronunciation (as in “restaurant”). However, most of them speak at a slow pace making them easy to understand.

San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastian is arguably the most famous city in northern Spain. This coastal town is home to one of the best beaches in the country (La Concha) and a world-class gastronomy scene. An amazing beach and great food, what else could you ask for?

Additionally, it’s only 30 minutes away from France, making it a top option for those looking to explore the Spanish-French Basque country.

In San Sebastián there’s a language called Basque that many locals speak and there are many tourists (especially in summer). However, you should be able to speak Spanish most of the time if you hang out with local people.

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These are the best places near the beach to learn Spanish. Regardless of your preferences, we highly encourage you to enroll in a course and go to classes. You’ll pick up a new language and have an amazing time! 

At Linguaschools not only will you learn a new language but you’ll also get to know the culture and the history of each city. Additionally, you’ll be part of exciting activities and excursions to the most interesting places. Check out all our Spanish courses and come have an unforgettable experience!

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