Cooking Classes in Cusco

At Linguaschools Cusco, we believe that the best way to learn a new language is to get involved in a new culture with hands-on and memorable activities. That’s why we offer 1-hour weekly cooking classes for our students.

In a kitchen full of laughter, cutting, chopping, blending, mixing, sautéing and delicious aromas, our students learn to cook traditional Peruvian dishes such as causa, lomo saltado, arroz chaufa, chaufa de quinoa, and papa rellena with the help and guidance of our wonderful instructor. Additionally, these classes are an exciting way to work as a team, make new friends and practice Spanish.

The best part is that students can take these recipes back to their home countries and prepare some delicious Peruvian meals for their families and friends. Our cooking instructor helps the group learn new vocabulary about food preparation, ingredients, the kitchen, cooking materials, and supplies.

Do you want to learn Spanish and come to our cooking classes? Join our courses and learn a language while you become a MasterChef of Peruvian food!

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