A Night to Remember: The Cusco Annual Parade

The parade flew by in a flash of adrenalin and swirling color, full of traditional dances, clothing, and live music with thousands of passersby and onlookers lining the streets. The parade is a big event in Cusco and involves many offices, organizations, and companies from all around the city.

Students dressed up in traditional clothes and performed a beautiful dance in front of bystanders and important city figures. We walked from the school to the main Avenida el Sol and up to the Plaza de Armas where we got to show off our fantastic dance moves. We even had our own band that followed us and broadcast live on local television and social media.

We all, students and staff alike, had an amazing time at the Civil Parade to honor Cusco.

A big thank you to all the students who stole the show and made the crowds enjoy a wonderful time. In our school, we love to involve the students in as many local festivities as possible because it’s a unique way to get to know the Peruvian culture.

Thanks to our amazing students, for trusting in us and for putting so much enthusiasm.

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