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Plantation rum, the “Grands crus” of rum from the Caribbean” has received more awards by judges than any other brand in the entire competitions in 2012.  This night Maison Ferrand came to linguaschools in Barcelona to present four of their amazing rums and to our language students. After the single rum tastings the Brand Ambassador prepared a delicious Mojito with the Plantation Rum 3 Stars.

1) Plantation Rum 3 Stars – White Rum – Alc. 41,2 %: This rum was awarded a “Double Gold Medal” at Madrid International Rum Conference and the Berlin Rum Festival. Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum is a skillful blend of the best the Caribbean has to offer from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad.  Each Island has a distinct rum style developed over centuries and brings its own special character to Plantation 3 Stars Silver Rum:  matured Trinidad rum imparts its classic elegance, Barbados delivers sophistication with a balanced mouth feel and Jamaica conveys its unmistakable structure and rustic edge.

Keenly vibrant and well-balanced, Plantation 3 Stars displays the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados well integrated with the character and fuller flavors of Jamaica. On the nose it has delicate notes of tropical fruits intertwined with brown sugar and ripe banana. On the palate it displays subtle spices and floral notes with a finish of sugar cane and vanilla.

It pairs well with the easygoing Macanudo Hyde Park Cafe (Dominican) with its complimentary vanilla notes, some cream and bread dough.

2) Plantation Trinidad 2001 – Alc.42%: This rum has a delicate and elegant style, true to its origins, and will make you discover one of Trinidad’s greatest treasures. This rum is characterized by its uprightness and its smoothness. The nose is complex with cinnamon and tropical fruits notes, and also notes of smoke. In the finish, we find notes of candied orange and of cooked molasses.

3) Plantation Jamaica 2001 – Alc.42%:

Intense and highly aromatic as a result of long fermentation and pot-still distillation, Plantation Jamaica is faithful to its origins. A lovely mahogany colour, it reveals a wide range of exotic aromas on the nose, with marked notes of pineapple, cooked mango, clove and nutmeg. A generous palate with fresh sugar cane notes and plenty of length… A powerful rum with plenty of character!

This calls for a cigar with complexity and flavor. The Alec Bradley Family Blend (Honduras) has a complex leather flavor and a woodsy finish thanks to its unusual blend, which includes some Indonesian tobacco.

4) Rum Plantation 20th Anniversary XO Barbados – Alc. 40%: A blend of the company’s oldest reserves, this rum is something else. Selected rums aged for long years in the Caribbean are painstakingly blended by our cellar master at Château de Bonbonnet then matured in small French oak casks for a further 12 to 18 months. Double aging gives the rum an incomparably round and creamy palate. The colour of old mahogany, Plantation XO 20th Anniversary reveals a nose with exotic notes of sugarcane, oaky vanilla and toasted coconut, enhanced by more complex aromas of cocoa, candied orange and cigar box.

To be enjoyed slowly, with or without a cigar. This rum needs a cigar with lots of flavor, but also some balance. The Flor de las Antillas Toro (Nicaragua) makes a lovely paring, with its coffee bean notes, hearty wood and backing sweetness.

5) Mojito with Plantation 3 stars rum: 


  • 2 oz. of Platnation 3 stars Rum
  • 2 Sprigs of Mint (approx 12 leaves)
  • 1/2 a Lime
  • 1/2 oz. Brown Sugar
  • 1 1/2 oz. Club Soda

Directions: Crush the mint, lime and brown sugar in a glass. Top with ice. Add rum and club soda. Garnish with a slice of lime and a sprig of mint.

This activity night was unique and the students enjoyed the first rum tasting in history at linguaschools. It was an opportunity for our students to learn more about the production, the flavors and aromas of rum and to understand the diversities. The Brand Ambassador explained what fits best to each type of rum and what kind of cocktail suits each rum the best. After tasting each single rum the students had the possibility to find out how the perfect Mojito is made in order to prepare the cocktail at home.

The Fiesta de San Juan is a special Christian night and is celebrated on the 23rd of June every year, the night before St. John’s day, which is a public holiday in Catalonia and has been highly important for the Catalan people since the 14th century. During the night of the 23rd of June the Catalans celebrate the birth of the preacher and prophet John the Baptist, because he has a close relationship to the summer solstice, which occurs when the tilt of a planet’s semi-axis, in either the northern or the southern hemisphere, is most inclined toward the star that it orbits.

This happens twice each year, at which times the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the north or the south pole. The summer solstice day has the longest period of daylight – except in the polar regions, where daylight is continuous, from a few days to six months around the summer solstice.

During the Nit de Sant Joan, as the fiesta is known in Catalan, the people celebrate the longest period of daylight during the year with fire, which is an old symbol for the sun and Christ. The ceremony is named after John the Baptist, who said that Jesus would be baptized with “fire and spirit”. The Sant Joan festival or often called night of fire is a special event in some parts of Spain (especially Catalonia) that celebrates the midsummer eve during the evening of 23rd of June every year. This night is one of the biggest, noisiest and craziest parties in Barcelona and is celebrated by the Catalans with fire, fireworks, Cava and cakes.

Oh yes linguaschools Barcelona celebrated San Juan…and we celebrated it the right way! We met at the metro station with a big group, but already lost half of the group on our way to the beach. Fortunately the whole group reunited within an hour. We sat down in the sand, enjoyed the music from the DJ at the chiringuito, watched the fireworks and had a pica pica. When the time was there, we went to the dance floor and showed some great dance moves. So, it’s official now, let the summer begin!!!!



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