Sant Jordi at the school

This last Friday we celebrated Sant Jordi!

It’s one of the most original celebrations in Catalonia, which takes place on April the 23rd, and mixes culture and romanticism, combining the celebration of the International Book Day and Valentine’s Day. On that day, the tradition consists of couples exchanging gifts: men receive a book and women a rose. However, it is becoming more widespread that both men and women give each other books and roses.

During this day, Barcelona becomes a huge open-air bookstore and flower shop. The streets are filled with people strolling among stalls with books and roses, looking for their gift not only for their loved one, but also for a family member or a friend. It’s a day to walk around the city and definitely enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Our students didn’t have class on Saturday, so we decided to celebrate it the day before. We gifted them Spanish novels and organized an international lunch, with typical food from different countries.

It was a fantastic sunny day and both activities were perfect to finish the school week in a fantastic mood!

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