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Accommodation in Barcelona
For a successful stay we believe you need a friendly and comfortable environment and it is for this reason that we do our best to ensure it. We carefully select and regularly visit each accommodation. With most of them we’ve been working since the beginning. Standard, rooms are booked from the Sunday before the first course day until Saturday morning after the last day of lessons.

In Barcelona we offer the following accommodation types:
Shared apartment (within walking distance)
Host family

Shared apartment (within walking distance)
The fully equipped apartments in Barcelona are shared with an average of 2 to 4 Spanish people and/or language school students. All apartments are within a 25 minutes maximum walking distance of the school. There's free WIFI available, you will be provided your own room which will include all of the standard necessities: single or double bed, wardrobe, table and chair, etc. The living room, kitchen and bathroom will all be shared by the housemates. This is a great option for those looking for the opportunity to live with a variety of people sharing very different cultures. Bed sheets are available, but you should bring your own towels.

You can book a standard single room, a big single room or a double room. In case you were interested you also have the possibility to choose to stay in a single or a double room with a private bathroom at your disposal.

Please mind that double rooms can only be reserved for 2 students travelling together. If you want to come together with a friend, and you want to stay in a single room in the same apartment, in most cases that’s no problem either. Please leave a note with your request on the enrolment form.

Host family
In choosing to stay with a host family students truly experience the hospitality of a Spanish family. We believe this one of the best ways to get to know Spanish culture. Having your own room and keys, students will enjoy this home-style experience yet still have the comforts of independence. But it must be understood that each student must adhere to the rules and customs of their Spanish family. Please mind that a family is not always the typical family, but can also consist of a divorced woman (with or without children) for example.

The half board option includes breakfast and one meal a day, while the breakfast option includes breakfast only. All host families are within a 25 minutes maximum travel distance of the school, walking or by public transport. Bed sheets are available, but you should bring your own towels.

You can book a single- or a double room. Please mind that double room can only be reserved for 2 students who travel together.

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