We celebrate Día de la Cruz!

In our school in Granada, we never hesitate to participate in the typical celebrations that help our students learn more about Spain’s history and culture and contribute to their Spanish language learning process.

That’s why, with the help of the Linguaschools teachers, we decided to attend the “Día de la Cruz” celebration in Granada, so that our students could learn about each element of this typical celebration through fun and cultural activities.

Through total immersion in the festival, they had the opportunity to improve their Spanish and get to know better our local culture. Learning a language through experience and fun is a method that always works, and our school never hesitates to apply it with our students!

Music, dance, traditions… That’s life in Granada learning Spanish. We couldn’t ask for more!

The students and we, the teachers, are already looking forward to the next celebration! Would you join us the next time? 😃

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