Fridays board games at the school in Salamanca

Every Friday, we organize a fun games afternoon at Linguaschools Salamanca. We discovered that this social activity helps improve student relationships and contributes to learning Spanish!

Here in our school in Salamanca, we are trying to make up new ways to help our students improve their Spanish all the time, and games turned out to be a great idea. When they gather at the school, they get to know each other better and practice their speaking skills, while learning new vocabulary and having a great time together. Even teachers play and help with some of the new words!

When we finish, we have a snack and laugh about all the mistakes we’ve made! It’s so easy to learn this way! Nobody judges, we’re all there to have a great time. 😀

This is one of the student’s favorite activities at the school and it is awesome for us to watch them get better and better at Spanish while having such a fun time!

Are you ready to join us the next time? 😍

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