Friday is graduation day!

Students from all over the world come to Linguaschools to learn and practise Spanish for more or less periods of time. During the Spanish classes, the Sangría, the activities and the coffee breaks, we meet each other and form strong bonds.

After a great adventure in Barcelona, some students have to say goodbye to the school. On Friday, when classes end, we have a special moment to say goodbye and give them a certificate that shows all the hours they have spent studying at the school!

Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to students who have been here for a long time. And it is also difficult to say goodbye to people we have got to know better! But they all know very well that this is not a goodbye and that the doors of Linguaschools Barcelona will always be open to welcome them back!

It is not a sad moment. It is a great time of celebration and admiration for all they have achieved!

Enhorabuena estudiantes! Congratulations students!

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