What’s on in March in Barcelona?

Will you be in Barcelona this March, studying Spanish with us ? Are you still wondering what you will be doing in your free time? Here are some cool suggestions…

  • Go to the Barcelona Eurovision Party: A few months before the celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest in the UK in May, Barcelona will hold its Eurovision Party in the Sant Jordi Club on the 25th. Up to 20 artists will perform in Barcelona before their participation in the festival, joined in this unique concert by Eurovision legends.
  • Are you a fan of cycling? During March the 20th – 26th check the map and choose the stage that you like the most from all the ones that take place in Barcelona, and encourage the riders of the “Volta Ciclista a Catalunya” to give their best.

  • Or are you more into jazz? The Jazz I am is an annual international meeting created in 2019 in Barcelona. It welcomes all industry professionals interested in discovering Barcelona’s jazz scene, as well as encouraging artists, agencies, venues, sponsors and public and private institutions to build international collaborations with each other- This year it’s on March the 16th and 17th. Get tickets here and enjoy either an incredible show, or a workshop, conference or round table.
  • Discover the “castellers” in Sant Medir: The festival of Sant Medir is one of the most famous in the neighborhood of Gràcia. It is best known for the tons of candy that are thrown at the public from horses, floats and trucks. Every year, at the endi of the festival, the castellers do a performance. Gathered in groups, they make complex human towers of different structures and height, to the rhythm of the dulzainas and the kettle drums. Go to Plaça de la Virreina (Gràcia) on March the 5th at 12:00h and be ready to freak out!

  • Take a wander around the International Vintage Car Rally Barcelona-Sitges : The 65th edition of this famous rally will be held on March the 11th and 12th. Cars produced up to the year 1928 and motorcycles up to 1938 will once again tour the main streets linking Barcelona and Sitges. The event will comprise of nearly a hundred vehicles that each year attract the attention of thousands of fans and onlookers, who gather along its entire route to see an authentic automobile parade, with their occupants dressed with the style corresponding to that of the time of their vehicles. If you’re a vintage car lover this is your opportunity!
  • Attend the Salón Internacional del Cómic de Barcelona: The 41st edition (March the 31st – April the 2nd) of this fair is one of the most important events in the city. It offers a wide space with firsts, great guests, editorial presentations, contests, science fiction and fantasy comics, and also sections related to the world of cinema, television and video games. For four days, fans cannot miss this great event that always offers a great atmosphere for the visitor. You have to visit the Salón del Comic at least once in your life!
  • Celebrate Sant Patrick’s day at any Irish Pub: Despite being a well-known festivity from Ireland, due to having so many Irish pubs in Barcelona, it’s starting to be a deeply-rooted party of our city. Dress in green and enter any pub and order a huge pint of Guiness!

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