Friday means salsa

Salsa is a musical style and a type of Cuban dance that has become a world-known dance over the years. It is a mixture of various types of music, such as jazz and rock. This is precisely where its name “sauce” comes from, a mixture of various ingredients!

This dance was born in Cuba and soon became popular in the countries of South America, and now is world famous and attracts more and more people every day. It’s already part of Barcelona nights, both for young people, adults and tourists. In the city every week all kinds of activities take place for lovers of salsa and bachata. It’s a great way to meet new people if you’ve just moved! Whether for a few days, or for a long stay in Barcelona, dancing salsa can be a fun activity, as well as easy to find, as there are endless places where you can do it while enjoying a delicious mojito.

We always choose Gracia Latina bar to go one Friday per month and try to improve our moves. It’s a night of dancing, drinking and making new friends!

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