Salsa night

One Friday per month we meet at Gracia Latina bar in Barcelona to attend a small master class of salsa and then bachata, afterwards we spend the rest of the night drinking, talking and dancing.

Salsa could be defined as the result of the evolution of a series of Cuban rhythms that developed and reached an impact in the United States. There are even those who maintain that salsa is neither a style nor a rhythm, but the term used to define the Afro-Cuban music that emerged at the beginning of the 20th century.

In Spain, salsa was strictly prohibited during the dictatorship, because of its lyrics and its movements. Years later, when a migratory phenomenon of people from Latin America occurred, salsa reached such an extraordinary popularity in our country.

For a few years it has lived its maximum splendor. More and more people want to learn to dance this rhythm, and it’s super easy to find places and clubs where salsa is heard and danced.

So, if Latin rhythms catch your attention, don’t hesitate any longer and dare to start learning, or at least joins us one Friday!

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