What’s on in March in Barcelona?

Will you be in Barcelona this March, studying Spanish with us? Are you still wondering what you will be doing in your free time? Although some things are still a little bit different this spring, you for sure will not get bored for one minute! Here are some cool suggestions…

  • Visit Museums: The museums are now open with a 100% capacity. ¡CCCB, MACBA, Picasso, Joan Miró, Cosmo Caixa are worth a visit!
  • A fair for cheese lovers: Qualla Barcelona, in March the 5th and 6th, is the event of artisan cheeses in the city that you cannot miss! You can taste and buy Catalan cheeses from the hands of the producers themselves, and attend cooking shows, conferences and guided tastings. You can purchase your ticket here.

  • Learn the story of Don Quixote with the Ballet de Cataluña: This new personal adaptation takes place using carefully chosen texts that offer a faithful reading of this passionate story. It is adapted to a format with its own personality, with which the story has been condensed, with dance as the main axis and engine of the plot combining projections and narrations with flamenco and Spanish dance. Emotion, passion and action are guaranteed! Get your tickets here.
  • Go to the Barcelona Eurovision Party: A few months before the celebration of the Eurovision Song Contest in Italy in May, Barcelona has announced that on March the 26th it will hold its first Eurovision Party in the Sala Apolo. Up to 20 artists will perform in Barcelona before their participation in the festival. They will be joined in this unique concert by Eurovision legends and two magnificent hostesses, and of course Chanel, representing Spain this year.

  • Or are you more into jazz? The Jazz I am is an annual international meeting created in 2019 in Barcelona. It welcomes all industry professionals interested in discovering Barcelona’s jazz scene, as well as encouraging artists, agencies, venues, sponsors and public and private institutions to build international collaborations with each other- This year it’s on March the 24th and 25th. Get tickets here and enjoy either an incredible show, or a workshop, conference or round table.
  • Discover the “castellers” in Sant Medir: The festival of Sant Medir is one of the most famous in the neighborhood of Gràcia. It is best known for the tons of candy that are thrown at the public from horses, floats and trucks. Every year, at the ending of the fest, the castellers do a performance. Gathered in groups, they raise complex human towers of different structures and height, to the rhythm of the dulzainas and the kettle drums. Go to Plaça del Consell de la Vila (Gràcia) on March the 6th at 12:30h and be ready to freak out!

  • Attend the Barcelona International short and animation Film Festival: The 24th edition takes place from March the 24th to April the 10th, in a face-to-face format, in different places in Barcelona. There are 4 categories in the competition: international, oblique, animation and documentary, plus 21 parallel sections in which a total of 330 short films will be screened. Check the program here.
  • Live a unique experience with “Luzia”: The Cirque du Soleil is back in Barcelona post Covid, with a breathtaking show inspired by the people, places and stories that define Mexico. Take a journey through the Mexican imaginary, from the folklore of yesteryear to the urban landscape of today. No more words needed when talking about the world’s most famous circus. Read more here.

  • Take a wander around the International Vintage Car Rally Barcelona-Sitges : The 64th edition of this famous rally will be held on March the 19th and 20th. Cars produced up to the year 1928 and motorcycles up to 1938 will once again tour the main streets linking Barcelona and Sitges. The event will comprise of nearly a hundred vehicles that each year attract the attention of thousands of fans and onlookers, who gather along its entire route to see an authentic automobile parade, with their occupants dressed with the style corresponding to that of the time of their vehicles. If you’re a vintage car lover this is your opportunity!
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