Visit to La Almoina

Here at Linguaschools Valencia, students are very interested in Spanish history so after class, we decided to organize a visit to this amazing archeological center called La Almoina.

This activity to La Almoina was more than just a visit to an excavation because it is as well a center of urban history in Valencia, and it is considered one of the best archeological places in Europe.

This archeological museum contains buildings that date back to the founding of the city. From this early period, there is also a sanctuary of Asclepios, the God of Medicine, a horreum (a type of public warehouse used during the ancient Roman period), and some baths.

The city was destroyed by Pompey in 75 B.C. to be reborn a century later.

The remains of the curia, the basilica, and the portico of the forum are some of the elements of the Roman Empire that we can enjoy when visiting this incredibly interesting place.

The main roads are the vertebral axis of the visit which was a wonderful, unforgettable experience for the students to understand the history of Valencia. They were truly amazed and, honestly, so are we every time we take them!

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