What’s on in January in Barcelona?

Will you be in Barcelona this January, studying Spanish with us ? Are you still wondering what you will be doing in your free time? Although some things are still a little bit different this winter, you for sure will not get bored for one minute! Here are some cool suggestions…

  • Enjoy the 3 Kings parade (January the 5th): Their Majesties will arrive at Moll de la Fusta and, together with their entourage, they will walk the streets of the city with their magnificent floats in a parade full of music, parties, shows … and many gifts to bring to all our houses! All this will be possible thanks to people and companies, from many scenic and artistic disciplines, who will put all their talent to make the afternoon and evening of January 5th a true welcome party for the Kings of the East.

  • What about a circus show? “Sotrac” proposes an ironic review of some current problems to question individual and collective behavior. A reflection through images and situations on how we make the most of our time, how we enjoy life and how we face death in a society increasingly distanced by the use of new technologies. Risk, clown, aerial hoop, trapeze, Chinese pole humor, music and criticism to talk about everyday situations that take us to unpredictable places. A Winter Circus in which we want to laugh without giving up reflecting on society and the problems of the moment. Read more about it here.
  • Get goose bumps with “El Guardaespaldas”: Frank Farmer, a former secret agent turned bodyguard, is hired by the superstar Rachel Marron to protect her from a stalker. The two hope to be in command of the situation. What none of them expect is to fall in love. The Bodyguard is an impressive romantic thriller full of action, love and suspense that includes a long list of unforgettable hits such as the iconic “I will always love you”, one of the best-selling songs in history. Tickets and more info available on the official website.

  • Take a walk in the magic garden “Els llums de Sant Pau” (until the 9th): The Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau opens its doors every night for a very special walk. This place is transformed into a luminous fairy tale landscape with Christmas lights, impressive illuminated vegetation and creative light figures. Families, friends and couples can enjoy a pleasant and romantic evening on a circular route of about 1.5 kilometers long. Els Llums de Sant Pau offers a slow break from the hustle and bustle of Christmas for the whole family and draws the eye to the contemplative world at the most beautiful time of the year.
  • Visit Museums: The museums are now open with a 100% capacity. ¡CCCB, MACBA, Picasso, Joan Miró, Cosmo Caixa are worth a visit!
  • Discover the other side of Gaudí: An ambitious exhibition at the MNAC breaks myths about Gaudí, who has always been considered a misunderstood genius, touched by divine inspiration and isolated from society and the art world of his time. Can we rethink the image that we have of him today? You will find the answer in this exhibition, which offers a new look at the architect and an exercise in deconstructing the man, the myth and his work, which are so often reduced and simplified to the point of turning them into a brand.

  • Learn more about the History of Barcelona: Barcelona experienced almost 200 bombings by Franco’s army during the Civil War. With those attacks, the civilian population became the involuntary protagonist of the war. To deal with this situation a board was created, in charge of safeguarding the lives of the neighbors. The first places that were enabled as defense were the subways of houses and the subway network. But when the bombings intensified, the construction of shelters began with popular collaboration. One of them, among the more than a thousand built in those years, was the so-called Refugi 307, which today has become one of the historical interpretation centers presented by the “Museu d’Historia de Barcelona”. Throughout the tour of the refuge, you can learn about the living conditions that occurred within its walls and observe the different rooms that formed it, such as the toilets, a fountain and an infirmary, among others. Check it out here.

  • Relive the best concert of your life: During January at the Palau de la Música there will be many tribute concerts to big stars like Tina Turner, Queen, The Beatles or Abba. arcelona experienced almost 200 bombings by Franco’s army during the Civil War. Take a look at their programming.
  • Visit the Lola Ruiz Picasso exhibition: The exhibition dedicated to Lola is a tribute to Lola Ruiz Picasso and her zeal in preserving the work of her brother, while at the same time demonstrating the love they professed each other throughout their lives. When her mother Maria died, Lola assumed the role of “treasure keeper”. She and her family jealously guarded the paintings, drawings and notebooks that Pablo had left in Barcelona when he moved to the French capital. After Lola’s death in 1958, her children continued this task of custody and conservation until the artist’s donation to the city of Barcelona in 1970.


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